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Savannah and Terry’s Newport Country Club Wedding

August 24, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Savannah envisioned an elegant, romantic, soft, warm mood for her Newport Country Club wedding. She put in place a team of exceptional vendors to help bring her dream to reality. Wendy Joblon of Wendy Joblon Events, Stoneblossom, Confectionery Designs, Rentals Unlimited, Exquisite Events, Glorious Affairs, Cord 3 Films, La La Luxe Salon and of course… The Snap Girls. Imagine my delight when I arrived and discovered Savannah’s AH-Mazing Reem Acra gown just waiting to be snapped. Special thanks to Glen from Cord 3 Films for MacGyvering Savannah’s gown into position!

Newport Country Club0001Savannah is a girl who is very easy to adore. She’s smart, kind, and funny. No surprise that she has so many lovely ladies to share a champagne toast with. Newport Country Club0002Savannah’s wedding planner Wendy Joblon once told me that the invitation sets the mood for the wedding because it’s the first design piece that you choose. Elegant, soft, warm, romantic… check!Newport Country Club0003Terry gets ready with his best man at the Hotel Viking.Newport Country Club0004Meanwhile, Savannah gets ready at the Vanderbilt Grace with her mother.Newport Country Club0005These photos were taken simultaneously, I love it when that happens.Newport Country Club0006Savannah kept her gown a secret from everyone except her mother and sister. Naturally the bridesmaids wanted their own reveal.Newport Country Club0007A little Abbey Road fun here.Newport Country Club0008Savannah wanted a first look with her father. He’s so proud of her, you can see it in his expression. He reminded her, “This is your day, enjoy it!”Newport Country Club0009I couldn’t resist an impromptu photo of Savannah and her stunning grandmother {left}.

Savannah waits in the doorway of the Vanderbilt Grace before heading to the ceremony {right}.Newport Country Club0010My favorite part about photographing weddings is the candid in between moments that happen. This might be one of my most favorite “in between” pictures because it really captures this moment in time.Newport Country Club0011The other women in Terry’s life… his mother and sisters. The ladies greet wedding guests from the window of the trolley.Newport Country Club0012Terry is looking a little nervous here. I think he couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, he’s about to make the girl of his dreams his wife. The story goes that Terry, laying eyes on Savannah for the first time while at college freshman year, was instantly smitten. He tried unsuccessfully to introduce himself to her. Some time went by, Savannah was oblivious but Terry was as they say, keeping his eyes on the prize. Another opportunity presented itself and Terry’s persistence paid off. Newport Country Club0013You did it Terry! #terrygotsavy! We’re so happy for you!Newport Country Club0014The thing is, that Savannah is just as lucky as Terry. Over the years, she and her sister Vivian often talked about finding “The One.” Other boys never quite measured up to the ideals that these two sisters dreamed for themselves. Savannah in goldilocks fashion, would report back to Vivian, “That one wasn’t very smart”, or “That one wasn’t funny”, or “Nope, he wasn’t cute enough.” Nobody was right, until Terry came along. She told Viv, “The search is over! I found him!”Newport Country Club0015Mr and Mrs strolling the grounds at the Elms.Newport Country Club0016The priest said that Savannah has planned the wedding so that no detail was overlooked out of the desire that the day would be simple for everyone involved. One little detail was missed though… the rain. It started raining as we arrived for photos. Not pouring, more like misting and then a steady dripping. What did we do? We SIMPLY ignored it. Newport Country Club0017And we SIMPLY had a good time. Which is easy, with good friends.Newport Country Club0018This is another of those “in between moments.” Don’t they say so much more than the posed photos?Newport Country Club0019Of course, a formal portrait is important to have as well. Newport Country Club0020And informal portraits are fun too.Newport Country Club0021Right ladies?Newport Country Club0022Classic family formals are a must have too.


Fairytale stuff.Newport Country Club0023Trish saw this spot right before we left and we paused for one more shot.Newport Country Club0024Or two… this clinches it for me. It doesn’t get anymore classic. Savannah and Terry, order one of these photos now, pop it in a sterling silver frame and call it a day! On your 50th wedding anniversary you can sit and together, look at this one photo and laugh about what kids you were, how young you looked and how great your life together has been. Newport Country Club0025When Savannah contacted us about her Newport Country Club wedding this was the one photo that we imagined. We’ve driven by the Newport Country Club so many times and always pictured a bride and groom standing in the driveway. Photo dream realized!Newport Country Club0026The inside of the tent was perfection, compliments of Exquisite Events tent decor, Rentals Unlimited, Stoneblossom, and Confectionery Designs.Newport Country Club0027Elegant, soft, and warm….Newport Country Club0028…and romantic {practicing the first dance}.Newport Country Club0029This was a wedding of excellent toasts. The Father of the Bride…Newport Country Club0030…The Father of the Groom…Newport Country Club0031…The very funny best man…Newport Country Club0032…and the sweet maid of honor, Vivian who told a great story about desperately wanting to know about her sister’s love life at seven years old. She was so curious she hid in Savannah’s closet during a sleepover so she could listen in on the big girl talk. Unfortunately she made some noise, was discovered before she could hear anything juicy and was driven out of the room. No worries though, she is Savannah’s number one confidant now and what she and Terry have in common is persistence in becoming Savannah’s best friend{s}. Newport Country Club0033Sweet! Cake by Confectionery Designs.Newport Country Club0034Terry thanking the guests for spending the evening with them.Newport Country Club0035Taking a spin around the dance floor with the MOG and the FOB.Newport Country Club0036Terry busting out his impressive dance moves.Newport Country Club0037Terry and Savannah, you truly have a wonderful future together and we couldn’t be happier for you both! I hope your whole life is soft, warm, and romantic! Cheers!Newport Country Club0038

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