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Jessica and Eric’s Cape Cod Engagement Session

November 14, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Every season we are lucky to make a few trips to picturesque Cape Cod. Jessica and Eric invited me to shoot their Cape Cod engagement session last month and I’m not sure I’ve seen a prettier spot.  I met Jessica and Eric at a beautiful little secret-ish beach in Hyannis Port for their Cape Cod engagement session. Such a picturesque spot for these two love birds. The background reminds me of a watercolor painting.

Cape Cod Engagement Session0001Actually, this is the very beach where Eric proposed to Jessica. It’s a great story and it starts with this shell…Cape Cod Engagement Session0002Eric created an elaborate scheme to get Jessica to the beach. He had her sister tell her that they were having a family portrait taken, so smart! That way her entire family could be present without any suspicion arising. Not to mention, her hair and makeup would be done. That’s very considerate Eric! Of course, it was all a ruse. Impressive deception!Cape Cod Engagement Session0003Eric planted the proposal shell on the beach and then hid in the dunes waiting for Jessica,then  she came walking down the beach and “stumbled” across the shell in the sand. Cape Cod Engagement Session0004Jessica thought to herself, “Great! Isn’t it just my luck to stumble into some other girls proposal!” Hee-hee.Cape Cod Engagement Session0005Surprise Jessica, the shell is for you! How perfect do these two look together?Cape Cod Engagement Session0006J & E met on Jessica’s first day at UMASS Amherst while she was moving in. Eric gallantly offered to help. The offer paid off.

You can hardly blame him, Jessica is stunning and she’s as sweet as she is beautiful.Cape Cod Engagement Session0007Now he’s signed up for a lifetime of moving Jessica’s furniture but he doesn’t seem to mind. If Jessica is anything like me that’s a lot of rearranging. I love to rearrange! Cape Cod Engagement Session0008Could the beach be any prettier? Jessica was fretting over a location for our shoot. She was thinking of a downtown spot with a dock at first and then she told me about the beach. As an after thought she added, “It has a seashell tree.”Cape Cod Engagement Session0009A SEASHELL TREE! What?! Are you kidding me? You had me at seashell tree Jessica!

I always know when I’ve snapped “the one” and this is the one- the one for the wall portrait. It’s so soft and romantic and Jessica, you should hang it in your bedroom. If Eric makes you mad, look at it before you go to bed and then make up!Cape Cod Engagement Session0010It was delicate work squeezing into the tree between the hanging shells (each one represents a wish someone has made) but Eric and Jessica managed to do it without busting up anyone’s wish.Cape Cod Engagement Session0011I think that means I get a wish now. I wish for a lifetime of happiness for Jessica and Eric!Cape Cod Engagement Session0012Jessica and Eric,  I love the beach and I love the seashell tree. It was so fun to photograph you both! Thank you for sharing your story with me. I love me a feel good story! Can’t wait for May and more Cape Cod scenery!Cape Cod Engagement Session0013Jessica likes surprises, surprise her with a little love in the form of comment below!

  1. Erin McGinn says:

    I love the seashell tree portrait!

  2. Erin McGinn says:

    I love the seashell tree portrait!

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