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Christine and Mike’s Blithewold Wedding

November 13, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Christine and Mike’s Blithewold wedding is so beautiful that choosing the photos for this blog post felt something like eating a giant meal. It was a feast for the eyes but after I was finished, I felt completely satisfied and needed to lay down.

There’s a saying that writers use, it’s one of my favorites, “Murder your darlings.”

This quote refers to the editing process, it means that after creating you must cull. You must cut without sentiment the words and phrases that you’ve fallen in love with. Doing so will make the writing stronger, but MAN is it hard!

The same goes for editing your photos. We fall in love with the couple (and with Mike and Christine that was easy), the location, the light, the colors, the emotions. It is SO hard to choose just a few photos to represent an entire day, in this instance 55 images from 1378 total. But murder I must! I really feel that the editing is equally as important as shooting.

Choosing which images to share to tell the story is an art form in itself. An agonizing painstaking process where I have to kill some of the images that I love. Why do you think the director chooses to included deleted scenes on a DVD? Because he’s murdered his darlings but can’t quite bury them!

Choosing the photos for Mike and Christine’s blog post was especially hard because there were so many amazing pictures to choose from. However, in the interest of telling a dynamic story for you I have chosen these 55, Enjoy!

It all starts with a ring and a question doesn’t it? All the excitement, all the decisions to be made for the planning of a wedding starts with this so it deserves a spotlight…

Blithewold Wedding0001The invitation is one of the next choices to be made in the planning process and it really sets the tone for the day. In Christine’s case the invitation mimics the natural outdoor elegance of Blithewold.Blithewold Wedding0002An example of two photographs taken at the exact same moment in different rooms of the same hotel. Trish shot the photograph on the left of Mike and I shot the photograph on the right of Christine. Because our cameras are synched, when the photos are all loaded in the computer they line up chronologically. It’s so interesting to see what the groom and the bride are doing in the same moment. Blithewold Wedding0003Another example of Christine and Mikes synchronicity. They both wrote each other long and emotional letters.Blithewold Wedding0004Mr. Cool himself!Blithewold Wedding0005Meanwhile the ladies and I have trekked into one of my favorite spots at Blithewold, the wooded path leading to the bamboo grove. The light in here is heavenly and my subjects look like angels.

Angelic perfection compliments of New Leaf Studio.Blithewold Wedding0006A little something artsy and unexpected, a winning combination.Blithewold Wedding0007Let’s talk about Christine for a minute. One word: Goddess.

Let’s also talk about that bouquet, have you ever seen anything more luscious? By Flowers by Semia, of course.

New Leaf Studio took Christine from gorgeous to Goddess.

Blithewold Wedding0008I wish I was a pixie fairy so I could take a nap in that bouquet, Flowers by Semia.Blithewold Wedding0009Christine was very proud of her gilded succulents, a messy but opulent place card holder project. Arrangement, Flowers by Semia.Blithewold Wedding0010This is a truly behind the scenes shot taken moments before the girls lined up to go down the aisle. A little bit of chaos, a little bit of fun in Blithewold’s beautiful sitting room.Blithewold Wedding0011A teary eyed groom, such an emotional moment.Blithewold Wedding0012Christine and her sister, the MOH. Everyone else has walked down the aisle and they are the last to leave.Blithewold Wedding0013Beautiful Blithewold provides quite a dramatic entrance.Blithewold Wedding0014Late afternoon sun and sailboats for the ceremony.Blithewold Wedding0015Soft light and sweet expressions in the garden.Blithewold Wedding0016How to make a man a husband, by Christine.Blithewold Wedding0017Married!Blithewold Wedding0018Blithewold is an amazing property, there are literally of dozens of beautiful spots for photographs. Of course, the light is the first consideration but lucky for us it was falling beautifully in this spot with the mansion as our backdrop. Although Blithewold has a great water view, it is not the best choice for formal photographs. The light is too bright coming off the water and there is no texture in the background to make the subjects pop. Sunset  is a much better option for waterview photos, while the front of the property is perfect for formal photographs in mid day or  late afternoon.Blithewold Wedding0019We can’t stress enough how important it is to include the grandparents in the family formal time. A few weeks after the wedding, Christine’s lovely grandmother (pictured on the right) passed away. We were able to send Christine some photos of her for the funeral. It was the last time they were all together as a family. Weddings are special in that way.Blithewold Wedding0020Having fun with vertical lines & the bridal party.Blithewold Wedding0021Sometimes it’s the moments in between the formal photos that are special, like this one…Blithewold Wedding0022… and this one.Blithewold Wedding0023Trish loves to do a classic squeeze in photo where everyone’s faces are close.Blithewold Wedding0024Another thing I love about Blithewold, we are always finding spots we’ve never used before like this stunning greenhouse.Blithewold Wedding0025Okay, now we need to pause and just soak this up…

The photo on the left is timeless, I love that sensation of losing track of the decade because it’s just so classic and refined.

And as a contrast, the photo on the right is wedding photographer porn- it’s decadent! And it gets my vote for wall portrait. I would print it small with a big ornate gold frame, like a museum piece. You’d have to walk up to it and look at it closely like a petite painting, a Vermeer. Luckily, we offer just such a thing- C & M… see me. 😉Blithewold Wedding0026Or this one… GAH! I can’t choose… see how the murdering becomes really hard?! I broke my own rule here because technically I would normally only choose one of these garden sunlit shots, but I couldn’t kill one of them!Blithewold Wedding0027Phew… we’re moving. Thank goodness, I was feeling a lot of anxiety back there.

How much to you love that fuzzy fluffy white grass? Not sure what it is… there is a lot of nature at Blithewold and we require you trek through it.Blithewold Wedding0028To get this.Blithewold Wedding0029This entire session with C & M was a race across the property and against time to get down to the water for sunset. I think we made it.

This photo gets runner up for wall portrait because of it’s BIG TIME ROMANCE factor. And by the way, we did not pose Mike, he’s just THAT romantic.

Eat your heart out ladies.

On second thought Christine- I’d order this one too. Let’s remember in 25 years how romantic your husband was and how fine your backside looked!

Blithewold Wedding0030Natural beauty at Blithewold.Blithewold Wedding0031…and more beauty inside Blithewold. Lighting by Exquisite Events and arrangements by Flowers by Semia. Blackstone Catering.Blithewold Wedding0032What’s the line from that song? Dance like no one is watching? Check.Blithewold Wedding0033A hilariously deadpan toast from the MOH.

Remember when I taught you about off camera lighting here? We use it at the reception too and that’s why the reception photos look so three dimensional.Blithewold Wedding0034Lots of people told great stories about Christine and Mike. I think my favorite was the story of how they met.

Mike and Christine were both invited to a summer home in Narragansett by two different friends. Mike took one look at Christine and that was it. They spent the day together but then there was a problem. Christine had to go to work. She couldn’t stay and hang out with Mike for the evening’s festivities. Mike told her bluntly…

“You are not going to work tonight.”

Christine called in sick.

Christine got fired.

Problem solved.

For Mike.Blithewold Wedding0035Parental sweetness. I really hope my son picks me up like that some day. He’s only 16 so no rush, but he is 6 feet tall already so my chances are good.Blithewold Wedding0036I imagine this photo looks a little like the night Christine and Mike first met… after he got her fired…. Christine was in trouble in more ways than one. Look at that face? Who could resist him? Lucky for Christine it turns out Mike is more than just a pretty face. He’s a smarty pants too with a great job and promising future. They are both the total package and we know that they are destined for a fabulous life together. It was such an honor to document the big send off at their Blithewold wedding!Blithewold Wedding0037Make sure you leave Mike and Christine some love below by leaving a loving comment!

  1. Jo Read Trakimas says:

    The wedding of Michael and Christine Trakimas was exquisite in every detail. Lavish and opulent for the bride and groom and for the total enjoyment of each of their guests. Uncle Bill and I are overjoyed to have witnessed this beautiful day with this outstanding young couple. Our love and support follow them always.

  2. Kathleen Carty says:

    Glamorous, lovely, and breathtaking couple. So much love!

  3. Louise Aulenbach Trakimas says:

    What a beautiful rendition of the wedding! Your photographers are amazing! This brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for both of you! Love you both so much!

  4. Donald Aulenbach says:

    WOW! What a wedding! We wish them many more happy days the rest of their lives together. God bless you both.

  5. Donald Aulenbach says:

    WOW! What a wedding! We wish them many more happy times the rest of their lives together. God bless you both.

  6. Christine Moore says:

    I am in love! The entire day was like a dream, and these pictures captured every emotion I felt. I’m happy-sad looking at these photos because I just want to go back and do it all over again, and wouldn’t change a thing! Trish and Mariah, you guys were a dream come true. Hilarious, patient and a calming presence throughout the day. And I think it was Trish who mimicked my “MICHAEL!” and totally nailed it. Thank you for everything!!

  7. Steve West says:

    This is Maureen Moore showing up as Steve West for some reason..but Christine Moore you are stunning..Mike is such a friendly, genuinely nice guy and I couldn’t be happier that you found each other. Love the pictures, it reflects what a beautiful day it was. Mia looked amazing and had a blast. Thank you for that memory.

  8. Steve N Rie says:

    Beautiful! Wish I was there. Congrats you two! 🙂

  9. Haley Moore says:

    I think I’ve looked at these pictures every day since they were posted… can we go back? This wedding was breathtakingly beautiful and these pictures do it justice. Couldn’t be happier for you Christine and Mike, love you both!

  10. Meghan Simone says:

    Oh my gosh you girls hit this out of the park! The lighting, the natural light, its CRAZY cakes! Unreal 🙂 You are amazing!

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