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Jena and Billy’s Fort Adams Wedding, Newport RI

November 4, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

There was no question that Jena would get married in Newport RI, after all her mother and two of her sisters were married there. But where? What venue would be right for a down to earth, casual, fun loving, family oriented girl marrying her middle school sweetheart? A Fort Adams Wedding? Yes! Perfect!

We were very excited when Jena chose us to be her photographers, as we’d never had a chance to shoot a wedding at Fort Adams. Jena visited us with her mother Paula and described a wedding that would be a celebration more than an “event”. She would forgo all of the wedding “traditions” such as the first dance and the cake cutting etc, instead choosing to focus on chatting and dancing with her friends and enjoying everyone’s company.

Jena’s fun hand drawn map of Newport set the tone for the casual fun filled, homespun day.

Fort Adams Wedding0001

Jena comes from a big family. She’s got three sisters and a brother and a ton of nieces and nephews, who were ALL included in the wedding. Jena wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s just how she rolls. Plus, she’s got a built in little fan club!

Fort Adams Wedding0002

Kim of Green Lion created the beautiful earthy florals for Jena and Billy. No easy task being the florist for a family that owns a nursery {they know a thing or two about plants}!

Fort Adams Wedding0003

A rustic setting for the ceremony was perfectly accented with hand painted signs and long wooden benches.

Fort Adams Wedding0004

Giggle fit. Cousins are the best.

Fort Adams Wedding0005

Jena and Billy were sweethearts in middle school- how cute is that?

Fort Adams Wedding0006

On joyful days like this, there can also be sadness for the people that can’t be with us. Unfortunately Jena’s dad has passed away. I love that he picked out this veil for Jena’s sister and now Jena is wearing it at her wedding. This is such a sweet way to honor and remember her father. The veil had a mind of it’s own and was blowing around beautifully all day! Maybe a little wave from Ernie? It’s nice to think so.

Fort Adams Wedding0007

Jena’s sisters said that her father would have loved this Fort Adams Wedding. Although Jena couldn’t remember, they told us that she rolled around on the grass here as a little girl when her father took them all to the Newport Folk Festival to hear Dizzie Gillespie.

Fort Adams Wedding0008


Fort Adams Wedding0009

The groom is pumped.

Fort Adams Wedding0010

This scenario was as crazy as it looks! We managed to get a photo of all the kids smiling at the camera, but I like this out take photo better.

It’s more like real life. I especially like Jena’s sister doing the “baby drop and run” maneuver. Been there, done that. Ha ha.

Fort Adams Wedding0011

I love seeing Jena and Billy so relaxed and having fun in the pretty afternoon light.

Fort Adams Wedding0012

Taking a little stroll behind the Fort.

Fort Adams Wedding0013

Meanwhile Green Lion has transformed the tent into a floral wonderland.

Fort Adams Wedding0014

Such rustic lovely details.

Fort Adams Wedding0015

Jena and Billy make their way to the tent…

Fort Adams Wedding0016

…with a pit stop at the sunset.

Fort Adams Wedding0017

Our matriarch Paula welcomes everyone to the party.

Fort Adams Wedding0018

Billy shares a dance with his mom, while outside we spotted a Super Moon!

Fort Adams Wedding0019

Billy and Jena are all about having an awesome party, so naturally they had Beantown Band.

Fort Adams Wedding0020


Fort Adams Wedding0021

The dancing was epic.

Fort Adams Wedding0022

And then there were fireworks. The hits just keep coming!

Fort Adams Wedding0023

Jena and Billy, thank you for such a fun, fantastic time with you and your families! We loved being a part of your Fort Adams wedding! XO Mariah and Trish

Fort Adams Wedding0024


Trish gives Jena and Billy some photo direction to create that great “Fort Strolling” shot above, meanwhile I take the shot from my favorite angle, prone! Our good friend and videographer extraordinaire Meg Simone documents the action too.


  1. Paula - MOB says:

    We love the photos. Each one brings us back to the day of happy tears and smiles. It was exactly what we hoped for and it looks like the photos will remind continue to remind us.
    Snap will always be a part of those happy memories

  2. Leah says:

    We had an amazing time! Thank you for capturing it. Mariah and Trish you both did a fabulous job! It was so much fun working with you!

  3. Leah says:

    We had an amazing time thank you for capturing it! Mariah and Trish you both did a great job! The pictures are beautiful. It was so much fun working with you!

  4. Jena Bertolotti says:

    I am obsessed with these thank you so much. I love them. I love you guys! Can’t wait to see The rest of the photos.

  5. Elinor and Dom Dilella says:

    The best wedding ever!!! The bride, the groom , family, wine, food, music and dancing was the best ever. Thanks for the pics they brought back great memories.

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