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Intimate Backyard Wedding

February 12, 2021

Love is not cancelled, it’s just moved to an intimate backyard wedding

Will and Danielle had planned a big May 2021 wedding at Belle Mer. You know what comes next in this story. That’s right- reschedule.

So, Danielle and Will decided to postpone to December, but they didn’t want to wait all that time to become Mr and Mrs. The perfect compromise was an intimate backyard wedding in Barrington in August. We are so excited that Linda was able to be there to photograph their sweet soiree. Danielle and Will really wanted emotional photographs of their ceremony, beautiful images of themselves, and portraits of the most important people in their lives. We can do that!


Getting Ready

Pictured: Vows and Will and Danielle’s save the date with an engagement photo taken by Cloud and Linda.


Cool his and hers kicks with the original wedding date.


Poor the bubbly, Danielle is getting married!


And Danielle is a GORGEOUS bride.

Look at those arms! Her skin, oh my gosh!


Little pop of blue and a perfect pedi.


This beauty is looking very relaxed- she’s been through planning hell, so that is the look of relief that she is finally getting married.


Just missing one important bridal piece …


Okay, maybe now the nerves are setting in.


Still very happy to be marrying Will though!


Will doesn’t have time to be nervous- he’s too busy trying to figure out how to tie that bow tie.


Nailed it! How cool and manly is this shot?!




The Ceremony

Danielle meeting her dad for their special walk down the “aisle.”


Love this FOB moment 🙂

Also, Will’s sister married Danielle and Will- this is a real family-centered affair.


This is what it’s all about.


Just the VIP’s.


And just like that, they are married!


So happy together!


That’s right, seal it with a kiss and make it official!



Formal Photos

Famdam Portrait time.


The gurrllls. Did someone turn on the wind machine?


So much happiness!


Beautiful Bride – cue the wind for a classic veil photo!


Did I mention that Fig and Squill created all of the gorgeous florals?


Lovey Dovey All The Time

Love these!


Va va voom!


Same suit, different day – lol.


One of my faves from this intimate backyard wedding.


Linda was able to get so many different poses, backgrounds, and expressions with Will and Danielle! Small weddings do not mean less when it comes to the photos!



Just one more…


And that’s a wrap!

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