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A Real Newport Wedding

February 23, 2021

Plans Change, and Then Plans Change … Again

Diana and Eric planned a big Belle Mer bash for May 2020. Ugh- then they postponed to September. Double ugh- then they had to cut their guest list down and move their venue. But- what’s not ugh at all is the absolutely beautiful, joy-filled, family-focused wedding that they planned at Eric’s father’s backyard in downtown Newport. It may not have been what they originally imagined, but it was a real Newport wedding any how, and a real special one at that.

Diana and Eric’s invitation suite really sets the tone for their happy day. Doesn’t really matter what month it actually happened, does it?


Beautiful bridal details.


Diana’s personal touches.


Meanwhile, the men mancessorize.


Adorable Eric. He’s got such a cute smile, and he’s a lovely man. Heart of gold in this guy.


Some sweet scooter action, both inside the groom’s suit and in the backyard!


Diana and Eric got an amazing photo hook up – access to a gorgeous home in Newport for a first look and special photos.


LOVE this first look!


LOVE it when the groom is overcome!


This insanely cheerful bouquet was created by Fig and Squill.


Too bad the backyard is so ugly.


Was very tempted to take a dip, but no, not with the camera. LOL

A little timeless romance anyone?


This looks like the perfect spot for a bridal portrait.


Eric’s dad and Diana’s mom were the support systems during all the planning and rescheduling, so of course they needed a special photo.


That’s a wrap! What’s next?


Glad you asked – we are meeting up with the family!

First up, Diana’s beautiful family. A bunch of big laughers and jokers in this group. Love them!


Eric’s awesome family.

They are so close and loving.

Eric lost his mom to cancer earlier in the year, and his family was really feeling her loss. Although, they also really felt her presence, which was a beautiful force of love all day.


Diana’s extended international family. Special people who made the trip to be there for Diana and Eric.


Besties- the MOH and the Best Man.


Signing the ketubah.


The outside space was intimate and perfect for a mini-wedding at home. Fig and Squill created a gorgeous chuppa.


We have everything we need to get these two sweethearts married!


Diana’s dad walked her down the aisle- and provided a little comic relief.


How beautiful is this spot?


The vows and the I do’s.


Diana definitely does!


Married! Finally!


LOVE this shot!


Mr and Mrs!


I can’t tell you how dreamy this setting was. Fig and Squill and McGrath’s Catering created the perfect al-fresco dining experience.



Love the travel-inspired flair.


It wouldn’t be a real Newport wedding without a dockside sunset.




We made it down to the wharf with about ten minutes to spare to snap it before the sun was gone, but ten minutes is all we need!


Back in time for the party!


Is this magical or what?


Don’t you just want to sit at this table, or maybe take the scooter for a spin around downtown Newport?


So do I!


Diana and Eric’s sign says Je t’aime – their sweet mantra as a couple and also the theme of their day.


Stealing a little first dance moment.


Toasts and dinner on the back deck.


A champagne and saber tribute to Eric’s mom.


So happy to witness Diana and Eric enjoying their evening and finally letting all of those wedding worries wash away.


MMM frosting kisses.


Cheers to Eric and Diana, two lovely, deserving, hilarious, and adaptable people!

I’ve said it before, but it’s so true. We LOVE these magical micro-weddings! Here’s another FAVE.

  1. Fofo says:

    Oh….. What an amazing piece of Art your pictures, a perfect wedding, loving, unique and touching with a superb scenery. It will stay in my memory for ever, Diana is in my heart my a second adopted daughter, getting married with her perfect “Prince Charmant”. I keep looking at the pictures and have a huge smile on my face! L’Chaim ❤️

    • Fofo, 🙂
      Diana and Eric’s wedding was a high-point for us in a pretty dismal year!
      They have such great energy and so much love for each other and their families- it was a treat to
      capture that for them. We are so happy that the photos make you smile.
      Stay Well and Best Wishes –
      The Snap Girls
      (les Snap filles) XO

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