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Backyard Mini Wedding

August 28, 2020


Photography by : Trish and Linda

We’ve been looking forward to Laura and Craig’s wedding for a long time. Like many of our couples, a backyard mini wedding is not what they had originally planned. However, they also didn’t want to wait until 2021 to tie the knot, so the pivoted on their plans, and put together a sweet, scaled-down soiree. We are so happy that we could be there for them. We photographed two of Craig’s sibling’s weddings and we wanted our hat trick!

Trish photographed the ladies getting ready- that’s not usually her role, but since I wasn’t there- she was on bride duty! I think she had fun!



Laura’s mom, Joan was so positive and supportive of the changing plans through the process. Go Team Bride!


Aw, tears of happiness!



Linda was the second half of the photo-team and she was hanging out with Craig and the guys.

Craig’s brother Ryan was the best man. At Ryan’s wedding (see Here) Craig gave an awesome toast, where he plugged himself as single and looking for Miss Right. LOL – Here we are 7 years later! You found her, Craig!


Presents for Mr. Right!


So handsome!

Presents for parents too!

Aw, Laura’s First Look with her dad.


This is a family of great gift givers! 🙂


Laura and Craig just match. They’re both goofballs.


Let’s Get Married!


How sweet is this location? It’s perfect for a backyard mini wedding!

Backyard Mini Wedding

Laura and Craig’s gorgeous flowers were created by Young Design in Norwood MA. They really defined the altar space, and made it feel special.

Backyard Mini Wedding


This is what it’s all about. All you need is two people, and two rings.


Backyard Mini Wedding Bliss.

Backyard Mini Wedding



Backyard Mini Wedding

There’s so much to celebrate; our health, the health of our loved ones, the fact that we have each other to get through the hardest times…

Backyard Mini Wedding


So happy for these two!

Backyard Mini Wedding


Sealed with a smooch.


Laura and Craig’s Plan B wedding location was a country club in Scituate. Unfortunately, the week of the wedding there was a big storm that damaged the tent at the country club. This backyard location is Plan C. Their perseverance is admirable, to say the least!

Backyard Mini Wedding


Here’s our gang! Three weddings down with these guys so far!


Former Snap Couples turned parents! LOL


Family Combos


Special Sister Sesh!

Ambrosia Salon in Hanover, MA created the beautiful wedding day look for the girl’s hair, and Janet Johnson was the makeup artist.



Backyard Mini Wedding


Laura and Craig, having a few minutes to themselves …

Backyard Mini Wedding


Backyard Mini Wedding


Backyard Mini Wedding


Party Time!

Backyard Mini Wedding

How pretty is this? Simple summer goodness. 🙂

Backyard Mini Wedding

Montilios Pizza – oh you’ve just outdone yourself! This is seriously delicious pizza!

Backyard Mini Wedding

Everybody is so happy. 🙂 Love the love!


Pizza Squad!


It really is fun to be repeat part of a nice family for their most important moments!



First dance on the lawn.


Sweet way to end the day (or at least the photos).


Laura and Craig, You did it! Thank you for being so flexible. Thank you for not cancelling!

Thank you for making lemonade out of lemons, thank you for the laughs, and thank you for the pizza!

xo Trish and Linda (and Mariah)

Backyard Mini Wedding

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