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Christina + Greg’s Boston Aquarium Wedding

October 28, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

We could barely wait to photograph Christina and Greg’s Boston Aquarium Wedding. After photographing their Charlestown Engagement Session, which you can see HERE, we kind of fell in love with these two…. much like the way Greg and Christina fell in love on their first date! The time got away from us, just like it did when C + G’s first date, expected to last 2 hours, suddenly turned into 8 hours! Christina and Greg planned an extra long wedding day, I think we were with them for twelve hours, but it felt to us like just a few. Time flies when you’re falling in love!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0001


We started with the getting ready photos, and were excited to meet the famous Mama Wilks! A snow storm kept us from meeting Christina’s mom this winter so it was high time we meet this special lady that Christina is so close too. Apparently everyone calls Christina’s mom when they need help, all the bridesmaids vouched for that! She made curtains for dorm rooms, cooked for hordes of Christina’s friends and even baked cookies and decorated marshmallows for the wedding. Christina has an infamous sweet tooth, but it’s easy to see where she gets her sweetness.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0002

Christina’s great friends, the pretty bridesmaids in navy for C + G’s nautical themed wedding.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0003

Christina told us that she’d never seen Greg cry. Trish and I were pretty sure today was going to be the day. What do you think Greg?

Boston Aquarium Wedding0004

Christina is absolutely stunning. She reminded me of a marble goddess statue all day, tall graceful, lovely. How is Greg possibly going to keep it together when he sees her?

Oh, and the roses behind Christina… from Greg naturally.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0005

Yep, first look and waterworks. I think Christina can’t quite believe it.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0006

Our first location was Boston Common. We found a pretty soft spot befitting of our goddess and she really brought it! She was just so happy, she was glowing from the inside out!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0007

Greg isn’t very popular. He’s not really a guy’s kind of guy. LOL. Greg is actually a classic GUY, and he’s impossible not to like!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0008

Christina says that Greg is her rock.

Greg says that Christina is his angel.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0009

The Fams.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0010

So many people commented on what great hosts Christina and Greg are. I heard many times how warm they are, how they keep everyone’s glasses full, and always make them feel welcome.

We’ll be there for Thanksgiving guys! 😉

Boston Aquarium Wedding0011

A little romance in the rose garden at Christopher Columbus Park.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0012

This is one of my favorite photos of Christina from the day. It’s so sweet and she’s so pretty, and it hints around at 1960. Vintage bridal fab.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0013

Time for the Boston Aquarium Wedding!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0014

The sea lions were barking as Christina and her dad came down the aisle! It was such a funny moment!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0015

Christina’s dad said, “In thirteen nano seconds I knew Greg was the right one for Christina because he made my daughter’s eyes sparkle. Greg is a real man and she’s in good hands.”

Boston Aquarium Wedding0016

Greg’s vows to Christina, “I will love you with every beat of my heart for the rest of my life.” There’s no doubt that he will. Lucky girl!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0017

Captain Greg has a boat that he was nice enough to take us out on during their engagement session. The name of the boat is the Missing Genoa, {Greg’s surname}. I think he may have found the Missing Genoa.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0018

Being a VIP in the Aquarium was so fun!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0019

Headed into the reception tent, catch ya later fish…

Boston Aquarium Wedding0020

First dance romance fest.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0021

Toasting to true love.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0022

Dancing with the FOB and the MOG.

Boston Aquarium Wedding0023

Good times!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0024

Taking in the night time city skyline and a little cool air at the end of the night. Twelve hours has never passed so quickly, I’m sure C + G would agree. From their very first date to their epic wedding day, time flies when you’re so in love. Congratulations Christina and Greg, we love your love story and we couldn’t be happier for you both!

Boston Aquarium Wedding0025

  1. Stefanie Rousselle says:

    Gorgeous Couple. So in love. Amazing Summary of your special day. I’m crying. ????

  2. Christina Genoa says:

    These are just spectacular!!!!!! I am so excited that we were able to have the BEST photographers in New England capture this amazing day!!!! You truly outdid yourselves ladies!!! I am beyond blessed. Thank you for enduring the long day with us.. Seriously IN LOVE with these pics!!!!!!!

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