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Boston College Engagement Session

December 1, 2016


We met Lindsay and Girard on a beautiful fall day for their Boston College Engagement Session. The light, the temperature, the foliage, the architecture it was all so pretty!

Bonus! Lindsay is beautiful, fashionable and as just as sweet as can be, and Girard is handsome, hilarious, and madly in love with his bride to be.



One thing I really love is when a couple doesn’t mind trying out some of our “creative” ideas. Say for instance we asked, “Hey, why don’t you go dance under that archway?” Or, maybe… “Hey, why don’t you guys go stand in the middle of those swarming college students and act really romantic?”

Lindsay and Girard were all about it! They’re very playful together.

I find that when you’re not afraid to put yourself out there, and you risk a mild case of embarrassment, the universe will usually reward you!


Speaking of putting yourself out there… Lindsay and Girard met at the end of Girard’s senior year at BC. There was a spark, but then he graduated and left so, that was the end of that… or was it?

They reconnected a few years later when Girard moved to NYC and “looked up” the girl who got away.


What I love even more than a couple who will execute our ideas, is a couple who has some ideas of their own.

Meet Dr. Muckle. This photo is all Dr. Muckle. His idea, his pose, his enthusiasm for Lindsay.

The official definition of muckle is to grab or hold on with great force because of a strong attraction for an object or person. About halfway through the session we dubbed Girard a real muckler because he was so affectionate with Lindsay. Then we decided since he’s in his residency, he really should be named Dr. Muckle.

So yeah…  “Paging Dr. Muckle, Dr. Muckle you’re needed in the library. Stat.”


Lindsay and Girard we LOVED strolling the campus for your Boston College Engagement Session! Thanks for showing us around!

Can’t wait to snap some more muckling next September!


  1. Lindsay says:

    Mariah and Trish,

    We absolutely LOVED our day with you at Boston College! You both are so much fun, and it helped us to take great photos. They came out beautiful – we are so very happy and can’t wait for Castle Hill in September : )

    Lindsay & Girard

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