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Gorgeous Castle Hill Wedding Inspired by Greece

December 7, 2016

castle hill wedding

Kate and Peter threw a gorgeous Castle Hill wedding inspired by Peter’s Greek heritage.

Kate’s dress, her bridal headpiece, and the florals by Green Lion absolutely took our breath away.

You can get a good sense of what the overall feeling or theme of a wedding is by the invitations. Kate and Peter’s printed pieces were splashed with a beautiful olive branch motif.


Kate in the garden, looking very goddess like. Meanwhile, Peter strikes a pose with Kate’s amazing bouquet.


Kate and all the pretty bridesmaids in summer white. Love everything about this photo, the dresses, the flower crowns, the white gowns, the light. So lovely!

castle hill wedding

Sweet, fresh boutonnieres for the men made from succulents.


Kate and Peter had a “First Touch.”  They wanted a photo together before the ceremony but didn’t actually want to see each other. We had them meet on this porch, on either side of a dividing wall. They could hold hands, but no peeksies!


Peter really wanted to see Kate for the first time coming down the aisle.

How pretty is Kate’s olive leaf flower crown?





A trip back down the aisle and then straight out to the lighthouse for photos.


The bridal party in the garden.


Pretty place holders.


An absolutely stunning head table dripping with fresh flowers and greens. Green Lion created a 50 foot hanging floral installation over the head table.


Absolute Perfection.


Peter is the kind of guy who know how to make an entrance.




Peter and Kate’s Castle Hill wedding was truly a mid summer nights dream.





So, here we are in a typical snapping scenario… You can see in the foreground of the photo posted below that Trish is wrangling a large and unruly bridal party. We are in the garden at Castle Hill and it is late afternoon. The sun is to the back of our subjects and I am behind the camera figuring out my exposures while Trish sets up the shot.

Without fail, {seriously it happens at every single wedding} while I am doing this a well intentioned wedding guest will wander over and whisper on the down low…

“I see you’re shooting into the sun and you aren’t using a flash. How are you going to compensate for that? Wont they all be dark?”

I never quite now how to reply to this. Things that go through my head are…

“What is it about me exactly that makes you think I don’t know what I’m doing?”

“I’m not sure, this is my first wedding after all.”

“Say, where do you work? I’m going to come by your office on Monday and question everything you’re doing.”

I never say any of those things of course {too snarky, and I don’t think you should repay rudeness with rudeness} so, I just smile and mumble something technical to appease them. Or I just smile and shrug. But what I really wish is that I could magically show them how insanely awesome the photo is going to be. Just once I’d love to be able to do that!

But alas, I can’t and it really frosts my buns!

But then I realized, hey- I can’t do it here!  Below you’ll find three photos from the same scenario.

The first image is straight out of the camera. It’s a RAW file. The exposure is kind of muddy, kind of dark, and not very exciting. Remember, I was fiddling with my exposure to get it right with this test shot, but this is pretty much what it looks like before it goes off to the lab. We chose this location for the group photo because we know with a little post processing magic this image is going to sing.


La La La La La

This is what the image looks like when we get it back from our lab! It’s professionally processed. Now that’s more like it.

Light, bright, airy, and ethereal… exactly the way we saw it in our minds.

We knew it had the right elements: open shade, back lighting, and a dark background.

But we can do even better and take this photo to the next level when we jazz it for the final printed album.



Now this image is album worthy.

I’ve taken out the telephone lines, retouched the dirt patch in the lower right hand corner, given it a little bit more of a warm glow, and added light vignette to make the subjects really pop.

So no, sir or madam, I am not worried about this photo “not coming out” or my “subjects being all dark” It’s totally under control.

Shouldn’t you be scarfing an hors d’oeuvre or something?


EVERY photo that makes it into your printed album is given special snap LOVE like the photo above. That’s reason 489 why your album is going to be so amazing!


Anyone got any good comebacks for the next time someone asks me if I know what I’m doing? Leave your snark filled suggestions below! LOL!

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