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The Best of Rhode Island Wedding Venues, Blithewold : A Retrospective

March 23, 2016


Welcome to Blithewold!

Blithewold is by far one of the prettiest spots in all of Rhode Island and is certainly a wedding photographer’s dream. Originally a summer estate, it’s charming and inspiring, natural and palatial all at once. Even though I’ve photographed at Blithewold countless times over the years I always discover something new about the property. Blithewold in spring… is different than Blithewold in summer…is different than Blithewold in Fall-  but even more than that, Blithewold can change day to day or even hour to hour! That’s the wonderful thing about this magical property, it practically transforms before your eyes.

The gardens, the view, the woods, the lawn, the mansion, and all the green things that grow make this an amazing location to explore and to photograph. I’ve put together a little tour of our Blithewold wedding photos over the past few years so you can get a sense of what I mean!


Inside the Mansion


When you picture your Blithewold wedding photos, you probably imagine yourself strolling across the lawn or enjoying the gardens. Those are must-do photos of course, but I also enjoy taking advantage of some of gorgeous nooks inside the house as well. The house is very much styled to bring the outdoors in with plenty of window light and lovely large windows and french doors leading to the outdoor living areas. This is especially helpful in case of inclement weather, if rain doesn’t permit us to be on the lawn, the photos will still have a rich and natural feeling.


Dancing is always encouraged at Blithewold.


The Front of the Mansion

I love the front of Blithewold for formal photographs. The mansion is a beautiful backdrop and the shade provided by the trees is perfect for portraits. Although you might think that having the “water in the background” at the backside of the mansion is preferable, this spot is by far the best for the nice even soft lighting essential for portraiture.


BIG Trees

One of the most impressive features of Blithewold is it’s trees. I don’t know all of their names, but I do know I love to photograph under, in and around these giant beauties.


Wide angle lenses are a must have for Blithewold wedding photos.


The Moon Gate Rose Garden

Another unique feature, the fabulous “Moon Gate.” Here the bride and groom are having their first look. Such a pretty spot!


The Bosquet

In a French formal garden, a formal planting of trees is called a Bosquet. I didn’t actually know that, I just learned that myself on the Blithewold website – LOL.  I think this area to the right of the North Garden {if you are facing the water} is my favorite spot at Blithewold. The trees are gorgeous, ivy is covering everything, and the sparkly sunlight filtering through the trees is other-worldly.


Ferns and Fairies Territory.


The Rock Garden and The Bamboo Grove

Going to the Rock Garden and Bamboo Grove is a stroll, but so worth it! If you can put aside 20 minutes for a walk with your snappers you will not be sorry. Blithewold is a big property- 33 acres to be exact so a little planning ahead will be necessary if you want to take photo-advantage of the grounds.


Greenhouse and Display Gardens

Blithewold’s cutting gardens and Greenhouses are picture perfect for photos- there’s always something blooming no matter the time of year. Of course, if you want a photo just like the one below {bottom center} get married in late summer and take your photos 15 minutes before sunset for that magical light!


Walking to the Water

Looking down the lawn from the back of the mansion, the water can seem a long way off, and it is… except when you are taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens you just kind of end up at it! The nice thing is you also encounter fun little less manicured spots like these along the way!


A lovely lane and a pretty walking path along the water.


The Lawn

Cocktails on the lawn? Yes please. This is quintessential Blithewold!


Once you’ve made the trek through the gardens and down to the water, you’ll have to make your way back up Blithewold’s expansive lawn. However, it’s a fabulous view of Blithewold – the mansion, the tent, and all of your guests on the lawn enjoying cocktail hour.


The Porch Facing the North Garden

Rain or shine, we love this porch. It’s deep enough for family formals in bad weather, and the stairs are great for bridal party configurations!


Ceremony in The North Garden

Talk about a grand entrance! I never tire of the bride cascading down the stairs of the porch to her groom waiting in the garden.


Reception in the Tent

The tent is a blank slate to truly make your own. I love seeing how it will be transformed to reflect each client’s taste and vision. How pretty is the background behind the bride and groom at their sweetheart table {left bottom photo}. Blithewold wedding photos are truly about bringing the outside in.


Sunset and Goodbye!

Blithewold sunsets are legendary. After the sunset fades the stars and moon come out for a spectacular ending to your Blithewold wedding photos.


  1. Louise Trakimas says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! You are beautiful photographers and I love your picturesque descriptions.
    Of course it makes me so happy to see pictures of my son’s wedding here! Such wonderful memories.
    Thanks for making them live on.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this and will of course recommend you to my friends.
    Thanks for sharing this-

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