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Love is Love … A Wequassett Resort Wedding

January 31, 2019

A Beautiful Same Sex Wequassett Resort Wedding

by Trish + Mariah : Owner Team


Love is Love, pure and simple and Karen and Tracy’s Wequassett Resort Wedding was overflowing with pure, simple, LOVE!

                 Wequassett Resort Wedding0001


Karen getting ready. She was so happy being a bride, so bubbly and fun. She’s the goddess of good times.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0002


Tracy was just around the corner getting ready herself and enjoying this insane view and a calming cocktail.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0003


Lots of Layers. Fitting for this multi layered lady!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0004


Tracy’s sister was having more than a little bit of fun applying makeup to the reluctant (but cooperative) bride. A little concealer, a little lip gloss… nothing too traumatic.

Tracy was on board for the sake of the photos! 🙂 She’s a trooper.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0005


We planned this first look in this location because … A. It provided a staircase for Karen to cascade down and B. That view!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0006



Wequassett Resort Wedding0007


This mid October day was perfection. It was a tad cold, but Karen and Tracy snuggled to keep warm.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0008


I also think they were so happy, they were a little bit immune to the temperature!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0009


Ah, Fall … Cape Cod… You’re pretty.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0010


It’s non stop laughing with Karen and Tracy. They crack each other, and us up.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0011


Ever notice how insanely blue the sky and the water is in the Fall?

It is! And apparently, it’s science!

As the days get shorter, the sun’s path across the sky sinks lower to the horizon. This bumps up the amount of scattered blue light that reaches our eyes on the planet’s surface. Also because temperatures are milder, there’s also less humidity across the board. Since the air isn’t holding as much moisture, clouds don’t form as easily and the result is a crystal clear view. Sciencey Source: Mother Nature Network

Exhibit A

Wequassett Resort Wedding0012

Wequassett Resort Wedding0013



That low, glowy sun also makes for some sick back light! There’s nothing quite like a little back-lit romance!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0014


We checked Karen’s toes and they were frozen so we decided to call the Bride and Bride Formals a wrap.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0015


After a brief warm up, we finished up with the family and bridal party formals.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0016

Wequassett Resort Wedding0017


The ring bearer was an Adorbasaurus Rex.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0018



… and also a cookie monster.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0019



Twinning. LOL

Wequassett Resort Wedding0020



The view was too pretty to pass up, and since the sun was shining and there were blankets aplenty- the ceremony was held outside.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0021

Wequassett Resort Wedding0022


Processional wagon train.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0023


This moment was really important to Karen. When she and Tracy visited Wequassett Resort, she imagined herself walking down these stairs toward the woman of her dreams!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0024


Sweet vows.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0025



Wequassett Resort Wedding0026


Yes! Love is LOVE!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0027


The food at Wequassett is Ah-mazing!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0028


All the colors of the rainbow are equally beautiful.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0029


A warm, inviting, ballroom for the party.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0030


Everyone is so happy for these two amazing women.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0031


There was one face that was very missed on this day… Cooper, Karen and Tracy’s fur baby. All the hullabaloo would have been a bit much for Coop so he was chillin’ back home.

He was there in “spirits” though LOL … the signature cocktail was named after him!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0032


Some brides change their outfits at the reception- these two changed their cake topper! Shit Just Got real!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0033


Sparkly souls with sparkly soles need a sparkly last photo.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0037


Or two… double sparkle is always the way to go.

Wequassett Resort Wedding0035


Or triple… sparkly moonlight bonus time!

Wequassett Resort Wedding0036


Karen and Tracy, I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but the wedding was even more fun than I imagined! Come and visit us! We miss YOU!

XOXO Mariah and Trish

  1. Teresa Vasquez says:

    Beautiful weeding and Dr. Kelly you are look very happy. My best wishes for you.
    Love, Teresa.

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