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Trish and Dwight’s Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

February 19, 2019

Hurray! The post we’ve all been waiting for … Trish and Dwight’s Dominican Republic Destination Wedding!

Our very own Trish: photographer, photo-planner, album-designer, veil and train spreader-outer, family-photo organizer … now it’s her turn to be the beautiful bride!

Trish put so much love, attention to detail, and hours crafting into her day, it’s no surprise that it was PERFECTION.

First craft project… this stack of sea glass for the wedding bands.


Anyone who knows Trish, knows that she’s the accessory queen. Why should her wedding day be any exception?

You can see here Trish’s sea glass game is strong! The vintage watch was her grandmother’s though… and how about that purse?!


Trish and Dwight had 27 VIP{S} at their wedding.

I {Mariah} had the honor of being the wedding photographer, coordinator, toast maker, and master of ceremonies … not to mention being the best friend of the bride!


Trish added a honey bee pin to her bouquet {which she crafted herself} in remembrance of her grandfather.

She had the perfect beachy wedding dress, and her sea glass headband was a gift from moi.


Here’s the thing about Dwight … he’s adorable… and sweet and kind.

Actually, that’s what Trish calls him … sweet, kind Dwight. He ALWAYS lives up to his reputation.

Trish and Dwight had customized sunglasses made for themselves and their kiddos.


As you probably know, we normally work as a team of two photographers with one of us photographing the bride and one photographing the groom getting ready.  It was just little old me this time so I had to scoot back and forth between Trish and Dwight’s rooms to take the getting ready photos. Luckily for me, they were right next door to one another.


Trish had all the ladies over to her room for toasts and girl time. Dwight had the boys over for some man bonding. So fun!



Trish crafted that custom hanky for Dwight. He’s not a public crier… taking bets on if he needs to use it later!


Look at my friend! She’s a tropical goddess!


This dreamy spot was right behind Trish and Dwight’s room. I thought it would be perfect for the first look. I love the light, the soft colors, and the palm trees {natch’}.


The light! The loveys! Awww!


Tropical Awesomeness.




This one … giant one for the wall?! So many great options, so little wall space! Ugh!


After our first look photo sesh we met up with Trish and Dwight’s tribe; Andrew, Vanessa, Adriana, and Isaac.


But first … Flamingos!


Trish was pretty excited about the flamingos. We can honestly say after 25 years photographing weddings… flamingos were a first! LOL


The gang!

Basically Trish planned this wedding so she could have this one photo. The most important thing to her was a picture of the gang.


I thought I could do better than just one photo!


And how about an action shot too?


And of course, a formal option …


Mother and son. XOXO


Dwight and his gorgeous kiddos.


We really had the best time taking these photos!


Enough fooling around already … it’s ceremony time.


Trish’s friend Ellie performed the ceremony!


Trish planned the ceremony at the perfect time – look at that light!


This was a BIG moment. They laughed … they cried. It was so sweet!


The family sand ceremony!

Everyone had their own special glass and own color of sand.


They combined their personal jars of sand into one family jar. Once those grains are mixed, then there’s just no separating them!


Funny story … we got half way through the ceremony and Trish realized she forgot the rings back at the room. Dwight’s nephew went running for them.

Classic Trish!


If you bet Dwight would need that hanky, then you won!


Everyone was crying. Photographer included.


Isaac and Adriana helped with the ring warming ceremony.


The rings were passed around and all of the VIP’s warmed them with their blessings.


Happy Couple!


This setting!




Everyone was so happy for Trish and Dwight!


Dwight’s Family, such nice people! I’ve got an open invitation to visit them in Florida. Yay!


Trish’s family … long time favorites of mine!

Trish’s mom is a big Snap blog fan. Hi Mimi!!!


Trish and her beautiful friend Ellie.

How fabulous is Ellie’s dress? She matches the beach!


This is what happens when the photographer asks a novice to take a photo of them with the bride.


Okay, that’s better.


And then this happened.

When I tell you this was the most perfect day ever, I wasn’t kidding.

Look at the moon and those pastel colors!


Trish is also a world renowned beach scavenger. She’s found some major treasurers over the years!

Pretty sure the best treasure she ever found on the beach was a husband!


Trish and Dwight’s reception was poolside. It was so adorable and romantic!

Trish crafted those fishy escorts. I wasn’t kidding when I told you she put hours of craft time into the wedding!


First dance under the moonlight and the market lights. Doesn’t get much more romantic that that!


Dwight referring to Trish as his wife for the first time! Okay… I lied… it just got more romantic. 🙂


Trish and Dwight … major Star Wars nerds. Well more Dwight then Trish, although she has been known to wear a pair of Princess Leia hair buns!


The leaning cake photo … potentially Trish’s favorite picture! She’s got a good sense of humor. LOL!


Proud parents!


Toasts for the newlyweds! The gist of my toast was that I too know what it’s like to be married to Trish!


Cake cutting! Trish and I may or may not have taken a bite out of the side of this cake after these photos. LOL


Special Dances


This day went by way too fast!

Trish was so funny, she kept saying … “This really is the BEST day ever! I mean, my brides always say it, but it’s true! This is the BEST day ever!”


Congratulations Trish and Dwight! We couldn’t be happier for you. You are BOTH the sweetest, kindest people in the world. If any couple enjoys this kind of happiness, it’s you!


  1. Nancy Green says:

    I am crying just reading this! How wonderful it is to experience heaven on Earth!

  2. Susan Millman says:

    So happy for you Trish!! Pictures are amazing !! You and Mariah are both the best photographers ever!!!
    Susan Millman

  3. ANNE CONDON says:

    If anyone deserves beautiful photos of their wedding day it’s you! There are some delicious photos here. Thanks for all the happiness you’ve given our family in the last 10 years- now it’s your turn. Congrats!

  4. Maria Smith says:

    Congratulations Trish! Much happiness to you both. You look beautiful!

    Xo Maria

  5. Sheila ( Muise ) Carter says:

    Trish and Dwight ,

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness !! Your photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing .


  6. Mike Cyr says:

    Best day ever!! too funny, but true!! love you guys, Soooo, happy for you Trish and Dwight xoxo

  7. Christine Keene says:

    Congratulations Trish and Dwight!❤️❤️
    Fabulous images Mariah!!

    Just beautiful all around!

  8. Liz says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying! Trish this is magic <3

  9. Joslin Reed says:

    Congratulations, Trish! So thrilled for your happiness and could not love this post more! Way to go Mariah! 💕

  10. cate says:

    Congratulations Trish! What a beautiful wedding…so happy for you and your family! xoxo
    Cate & Kevin Sullivan

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