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Weather Rain or Shine … a Wedding at Glen Manor

January 10, 2018

What better time to blog about two meteorologists in love then when the weather has been epic? Seriously! A deep freeze and then a sudden 50 degree uptick later in the week? I wish I knew a weather expert I could consult… oh wait I do! Two in fact!

When I asked Ben and Steph what they were most nervous about when planning their wedding at Glen Manor, Ben had this to say, “The weather. Honestly, when you have two meteorologists getting married, something is bound to happen. Whenever we booked a vendor, Stephanie made sure to inquire about everyone’s hurricane policy. We got a few funny looks during the process. Sure enough, Hurricane Jose wanted to spin right off shore for the week leading up to our big day. It was a lot of frantic forecasting, but in the end, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was rain or sun because we chose the Glen for that very reason. Jose moved offshore just in time for our wedding day, leading to sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s. Picture Perfect.” 

Speaking of perfect, Emily at Paper Moss created Ben and Steph’s invitation suite. Their theme was Romantic Nautical … nailed it!


Stephanie’s dress was Pronovias.


Stephanie’s accessories were very special and meaningful. Her mother passed away, so it was important to Stephanie to honor her on her wedding day. The middle diamond on Steph’s engagement ring came from a pair of her mother’s earrings, (the other earring is for Steph’s sister, so sweet). The veil was also her mothers and Steph’s something blue was a ring that her father had given her mother.


Exchanging gifts.


Ben got ready in a cottage at Castle Hill. Looking good Ben!


Relax … not a hurricane in sight buddy!


Meanwhile, Stephanie was getting ready upstairs at the Glen with some help from her friends and sister.


Stephanie is a nice friend, generous and very funny too.

The ladies are wearing Weddington Way.

Allison Barbera Beauty created their hair and makeup.


Golden Gate created the florals for the day.


A Glen Manor wedding is not complete without this shot.


Ben and Stephanie told us what was going through their minds when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. (You might want to pause and locate that box of tissues).

Stephanie said, “I recall walking towards Ben before our first look and thinking, WOW! Ben looks really good. I was a bit nervous, but more excited at the same time. I just wanted to see him and kick start this incredible day we had planned.”

Hankies now people… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ben had this to say, “I was all giggles, not knowing how she would look, what dress she chose and the style of her hair. When the moment came to turn and see her, I was utterly speechless. Stephanie was beautiful from head to toe, her radiance emulating the rays of sunshine cast upon her beautiful face. I was just blow away, very giddy and excited, very happy all at the same time.”


These two… #couplegoals


As if things couldn’t get any cuter… puh-leez.




Ben’s a bit of romantic. I love that quality in a meteorologist.


Ben and Stephanie’s programs (from Etsy) had an illustration of the Providence skyline on it, an ode to the place where they’ve established a home together.


Ben with his father and Steph with hers, just before the big moment!


A little hug for mom is always nice too.


Ben thought asking a two year old, (Madeline his niece and  the flower girl) to walk down the aisle might be courting disaster. Guess what? She surprised us all, especially her uncle. “How surprised I was that she was not afraid, not shy but precocious and adorable as she walked straight up the aisle looking into the faces of our friends and family. She found my brother (her father) and charismatically presented him her clutch of flowers!”


Ben was all nerves waiting for Stephanie even though he had seen her for the first look!


When Stephanie’s dad gave her away there was not a dry eye in the house, this photographer included. I had to muffle a few big sobs. So. Much. Love.


Ben said his favorite part of the day was when, “The two of us stood together as one for our ceremony.” …

“The weather being perfect, the sun shining bright, the boats sailing the bay in the distance, the smell of the sea, the flowers and grass all hanging in the air within the warmth of the day.” …


“The moment of silence together and the kiss we sealed our marriage covenant with, I’ll cherish that forever.”

Ben, you had us at cherish… you had us at cherish. Sniffle.


Ben and Stephanie chose Blackstone Caterers to make their wedding day delicious. They wanted to, “show off Rhode Island,” as they had many out of town guests, so the food Blackstone focused on had lots of Rhody flair. They prepared lobster rolls, chowder, fish, and pumpkin ravoli that was locally sourced. They also had five different microbrews from Rhode Island!


This is a photo Stephanie and Ben told us they wanted when discussing the photo plans months before the wedding! We love making dreams come true…


… with dreamy light!


Steph and Ben said that, “Jay from Golden Gate really brought our vision together with the centerpieces, flowers, lanterns, and all the candles that were staged throughout the Glen.”

Sin created that adorable cupcake tower.


This was a fun idea … messages from the guests for every five years of marriage up to their 25th anniversary!


Waiting to get the party started and giving that dress a practice twirl.


Stephanie said her favorite part about the wedding was, “Everything?! But honestly, just to spend time with all of my family and friends that traveled the distance to be there for us. That was my favorite part.”


Luke Renchan provided the music and Ben says that their friends are still raving about it!


Stephanie knew her dad’s speech was going to be emotional but she wasn’t prepared for what was going to come at the end.


He gifted her with a piece of jewelry that had belonged to her mother. Her mother’s good friend presented it to Stephanie in her place.


Nothing is a better follow up to tears than laughter.


These two enjoyed every minute of their evening! I love that!


Predicting hurricanes- no problem. Slicing a wedding cake… had some issues.


Because we didn’t love Stephanie’s dad enough already.


Taking in a little fresh evening air before … The End.



Stephanie and Ben chose a great group of vendors. Ben was particularly excited about getting photos of everyone doing their thing at the wedding. I thought that was just so awesome! No couple has ever asked me for photos of their vendors before. I think that goes to show what kind, grateful, down to earth people these two meteorologists are!

Here’s a sample of funny vendor photos from the day. I know it looks like we’re having a lot of fun and that’s because … we are! Working with a great team makes all the difference in the world! Ben and Steph knew that, that’s why they assembled us! Clockwise from left: Karen from Blackstone, DJ Luke, Mike from Artistic Wedding Films charming the flower girl, The Blackstone Staff, and lastly a pic Luke took of all of us on the dance floor!

Ben and Steph had some final words of advice about wedding planning. These are two people who prepare for disaster on a regular basis so pay close attention:

From Stephanie, “Think of all the parts and vendors that go into a wedding. Now pick the three that you want to truly focus on. Book those first and the rest will fall into place. For us it was venue, caterer, and photography. After we had our top three, the rest did fall into place thanks to their guidance!”

From Ben, “It’s never to early to think and plan ahead. Do your homework when it comes to vendors. Don’t hesitate to share your vision, what you’re looking for, ask questions. If your potential vendor listens to you, builds on the conversation and begins to forge a relationship with you as you move forward toward your big day, no amount of money should matter. It doesn’t always go perfectly, but it should give you peace of mind when you build a level of trust and have full confidence, knowing things will be done right by those you have chosen to help with the arrangements, organization, and presentation of your wedding.”

  1. Love these photos, vendors, and couple!!! So grateful I got to be a part of it. Congrats you two!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Trish & Mariah – You guys capture every special moment of this day. I still get teary eye looking over the photos that show so much love. You two are so amazing and we are so happy to have found you. Much Love!

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