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A Summery Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding

January 18, 2018

I’m so excited to blog Christina and Chris’ Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding. Not only is this venue breathtakingly beautiful but Chris and Christina are two of the funniest. most energetic people we’ve photographed. Spending the day with them was one laugh after another!

Christina got ready at the vineyard. They have a really beautiful bridal suite on the second floor. Christina’s something old was her grandmother’s antique bracelet and her something borrowed was her mother’s wedding band. I love blending heirloom jewelry with new pieces.


The view from the bridal suite … not bad! How pretty is this setting?

Chris and Christina were nervous about the weather. They said, “The vineyard could either be breathtaking on a beautiful day or gloomy on a rainy day. The week before the wedding it wasn’t looking so good with five days of rain predicted for that week. Luckily the day of our wedding it was 70 degrees and perfectly sunny with not a cloud in the sky. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather on our day!



Christina’s dress was Pronovias. Beautiful!


Christina lost her father recently, she carried him with her in a charm tied to her bouquet.


Did I mention Christina is stunning?

Her hair was done by Larissa Lake + Co. Make up by Naomi’s Studio and Salon.


Christina and the girls having fun on the balcony off the bridal suite.


The littlest member of the bridal party. Oh my goodness, how cute is this little beauty?


Christina and her mom. I love moments like this.


Is she exuding happiness or what?


Sparkle on sparkle, my favorite.


Mancessories. Chris is a very stylish character.


He also has really good hair.:)

He brought in a professional barber for styling and shaves for the groomsmen. I love this idea!


Christina gave Chris a gorgeous watch to finish off his super dapper look.


Look at that face, so handsome!


Chris was really excited about the first look. He said, “I’ve had the privilege of looking at Christina for nine years but she was never more stunning and heart melting then when I saw her for the first time for the first look. It’s a moment I’ll never forget in my life.”

Chris, you just said exactly what every girl dreams her husband will think and say about seeing her on the wedding day.


This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding! Love me some symmetry. I think Wes Anderson would approve.


Chris was really emotional seeing Christina.

Christina said, “Chris’ reaction to seeing me really surprised me. At the time of our wedding we had been dating nine years. When we did the first look he broke down crying. I had never seen him cry before, it was so sweet.”




This is one of my favorite spots at the vineyard… the saltwater marsh! Go figure! It’s such a pretty backdrop for romance.


Chris and Christina’s pup stopped by for a special appearance… and a photo … in a tux. 🙂


Chris had “I Do 9-1-17” embroidered on his collar. He also had “Dr. Berg” embroidered inside his jacket as he just recently completed his doctorate. Congrats Chris you smarty!


Love this shot!

Flowers by Justine created those beautiful bouquets.


Bridal portrait perfection.




The bridal party got to the church on a school bus. Something tells me they were probably the trouble makers on the bus back in the day. Not this little angel though. Cuteness!


Little moments right before the big moment…


And he’s crying … again.

Christina’s brother walked her down the aisle. It was an emotion filled moment for Christina too, as her father was not there to do the honors. Her brother was a very loving stand in though.




Blue skies and a bright future for the newlyweds!


Bridal Party Photo Styling by Trish.


They’re always so happy when released to the cocktail hour! LOL!


Yummies! The caterer was A Thyme to Cook.


Some of the pretty cocktail hour details.


It’s so fun to do a big group photo when you’ve got a birds eye view and a vineyard as your backdrop!


Christina said she was nervous about how the reception would come together. “We just gave some ideas about our tastes and color palette to the florist and let her run with it. It all came out so beautifully!” I’ve heard this from clients many times before, it’s always best when you hire vendors you trust and then let them do their thing!


So pretty Flowers by Justine!  

Chris and Christina donated their flowers to Yale Cancer Hospital to honor several family members who have battled cancer.


Cake by J Cakes.


Lovely from every angle!


Christina said, “Chris is a huge Laker fan so in lieu of a guest book, we had custom made Laker jerseys made for our guests to sign.


The head table. I love a big long head table don’t you?


Elegant with a rustic flair was the theme- nailed it!


I was pretty pumped about this photo when I took it. 🙂 Love the energy right before the bride and groom are introduced.


First dance sweetness.


This room!


Dinner and toasts.


Funny jokes and sweet sentiments from the besties.


We pulled Chris and Christina out into the rows of vines for a little sunset action in between courses.


One of my absolute faves of the day.


This is the best. Says it all.


This setting! The light! It was all so magical, we could have had Chris and Christina traipsing around the grapes for hours but there was a party to rejoin.


First a few special dances …


… a little cake cutting …


…  then …PARTY TIME!

“Chris picked the DJ, Posh Entertainment, and we could not have been happier with the decision. He kept the party going all night!” Said Christina.


Chris and Christina said that their favorite part of the wedding was, “The Energy! We knew we had a winning play list, a ton of great friends and family, and a lot of alcohol- it all came together for everything you’d want in a party! The next day we had so many people telling us how fun our wedding was so our goal was accomplished!”


Catching their breath and a buzz LOL.


It really was a twinkly, fun filled, spectacular night! Chris and Christina have some great advice to impart, “Don’t get caught up in planning or budget- you’re going to spend more than you want, you’re not going to please everyone, not everyone is going to like the food or setting. Focus on the big things- the energy, the celebration, and each other!”



Some fun clowning around with Chris and Christina. Clockwise from left: Trish giving some posing advice, our friend Mike of Buzz Media Co in typical photographer stance, double thumbs up from Trish means we nailed the sunset photos, Trish taking dapper guy photos and Flowers by Justine delivering the bouquet.


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