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Tuesdays with Trish, “Nightmare on Snap! Street”

March 19, 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again. We have been working in the office all winter clearing up loose ends from last season and preparing for the new wedding season. We’re  getting things done and busier than you would expect (we don’t “take the winter off”)! Our last wedding was in December so we have been in “shooting hibernation” for a few months now. Now it’s almost time to awake and pick the cameras up again; our first wedding of 2013 is in a few days, YAY! This is the time when we both start to have horrific dreams of wedding day scenarios that luckily would never happen in real life. Generally I am looking at my watch… its 2pm, the ceremony is at 2pm, I don’t know where I am, I can’t really walk faster than a snail’s pace {if I have a camera bag it’s empty} and I realize that I am going to miss the wedding. It’s bad, but what is actually worse is the scenario where I am at the wedding and taking pictures, {what’s so bad about that you might be thinking} but my camera is not really a camera and I am making clicking sounds and acting as though it’s all good.  In my mind I know that the photos won’t come out…because I am shooting with a shoebox covered in shells!!!!!!!!!! It’s not always a shoebox, but it’s always some kind of small thing that I raise to my face and shoot like I am actually taking a picture, and I make the clicking sounds myself and hope that no one notices. After all, the bride and groom are standing right there so I have to do something, I can’t tell them that I don’t actually have a working camera! The pain is in the knowledge that there is no way that I could get photos out of said shoebox, but I keep shooting and hoping that somehow it will be okay, but I know it won’t be and that IS a nightmare! The good news is that I have never actually arrived at a wedding late, nor have I had the misfortune of an empty camera bag or a not-camera to work with…and I never will, just for the record. After the first wedding these dreams will end and we will be back into real life wedding mode with no worries, I can’t wait! Then I can get back to my regular public bathroom, last day of school and something happening to my son nightmares.

  1. Beth Ludwig says:

    omg – Trish – I have those exact dreams! I do not shoot weddings anymore – but my mind while sleeping does not know that and I still to this day have those dreams. mine is that I have expired FILM in my camera – wrong iso – wrong setting – etc- etc. L O L!

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