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Tips for Lovely Wedding Photos…Getting Ready, “The Ladies”

February 5, 2014

“Women spend 36 days of their lives getting ready for a night out- enough time for an astronaut to fly to the moon and back 22 times.”  ~ Jessica Salter

Well, at least the astonauts make themselves useful why we are busy getting gorgeous right ladies? I’m sure you’d agree that the wedding day is probably the end all be all of primping and pampering. With that in mind, here are a few tips we’ve created after years of witnessing what can go wrong (photo-wise) in the early stages of the day.

1. Housekeeping! Did someone call for housekeeping? Yes! Do a little spruce of the “getting ready” area before we arrive. The two biggies are #1. suitcases and bags (hide them in a closet or under the bed) and #2. the remnants from lunch (put it in the hallway for housekeeping). Removing the clutter goes a long way toward prettier pictures. Take 5 minutes and have the bridesmaids to do a sweep of your surroundings so when we arrive we can hit the ground snapping instead of de-cluttering.

Snap Weddings2. All Maids On Deck! The bridesmaids should start putting on their dresses as the bride is having her finishing touches applied in the hair and makeup chair.

Snap WeddingsThat way, when the bride is getting dressed, the bridemaids look their loveliest in the background of the photographs.

3 Bride and Bridesmaids Snap Weddings4. Dress in the Window, not a Dark Corner:  This is no time for modesty ladies. A dark corner will do nothing to flatter you while dressing. Come out into the window light for soft pretty dressing photos and we promise not to snap until you are decent.

4 Bride on Window Snap Weddings5. FIVE minutes alone with us in MANDATORY! We need five minutes alone with the bride to create bridal portrait perfection. Rushing out of the hotel at the last minute to make the church on time is not cool. Documenting the bride at her very freshest is. Ideally, we’ll ask everyone to leave the room, which consequently is a great time for the bridesmaids to organize everything that is leaving with you. So plan on giving us five minutes, it might be the five calmest minutes of the whole day!

5 Bride with Birdcage Veil Snap Weddings6. 10 Minutes with the Bridemaids and Parents: This is optional, but certainly encouraged. If you are NOT planning on doing a first look, but heading straight to the ceremony then it is STRONGLY encouraged. A few informal portraits before the ceremony make the day start to seem official and make for a nice flow of photos in your wedding album. It also alleviates repeating these photos after the ceremony saving more time  for…cocktails!

6 Bride and Bridal Party Snap WeddingsGetting behind at the beginning of the day can cause the bride unnecessary stress. Keep these few tips in mind to help alleviate the worry. And remember, we’ll be there to keep everything light while keeping you on time!

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