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Snap! Photo Magic Explained

February 21, 2014

“Will my photos be retouched?” is a question we are often asked by potential clients. Good question!The answer is yes.

Your wedding files actually go through several different steps before they are presented to you online for ordering and in your final album. We thought it would be helpful if you could see those steps.

1. What an image looks like straight out of the camera: This is called Camera RAW, the files are very big, about 40-50MB each! The images are usually a little “flat” and definitely need some tweaking.

2. What your images look like after they have been color corrected professionally by our lab. After culling, all of your images are sent off to be tweaked for color, contrast, and clarity! You can see below the big difference between Camera RAW and the Professionally Corrected images are. At this point, your images are ready to be put online so that you have access to ordering and viewing the images.

3. What your images look like after special attention has been paid to the photos going into the album. After you choose your favorite photos from the online gallery and approve your album layout, each photo you’ve chosen for the album (approx 100 images) will be given additional special attention. Some will be made into Black and White and some may need retouching. The album images will  be perfect because we spend extra time giving those 100 or show images extra TLC.

These images below are all photos that have recently undergone step 3 and are going into an album for Julie’s (the bride) mom Judy!


We hope that helps explain the “retouching” question. We also hope it gives you a sense of how special photos in the albums are. There’s no substitute for a professionally produced wedding album!

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