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A Bohlin Wedding: Summer, Sunsets + Sailboats in Newport Harbor

March 20, 2018

The whole time we were shooting Regina and Mike’s Bohlin wedding I just kept thinking, this is exactly what summertime in Newport is supposed to be. It really does not get better than this. 🙂

We started the day off at the beautiful Bayberry Inn where Regina and Mike were staying. The Bayberry is so lovely. It’s light and fresh, modern (in a historic home), charming and perfectly appointed. The vibe is “elegant coastal chic” which is perfect for Newport and to start Regina and Mike’s day. As usual, I like to begin with the details, so here’s my sparkly ring shot! Ta-Da!


Regina started her day with some presents and a love letter from Mike.


Mike started his day with anchor cuff links, a present from Regina! Love me a nautical man-cessory.


We planned a first look on the amazing porch. Regina cascaded right down the stairs and out the front door to meet her husband (to be).


This little swing was an obvious choice for canoodling pics!


Trish was at it again with her beautifully organized group shots. This picture is perfection. Love the kids!


Regina and her little beauties.


Run away ring bearer.


Regina and Mike envisioned some photos with crashing waves so we made a quick stop at Brenton Point on our way to The Bohlin.

This wedding even had a traveling troubadour. 🙂


See? Summertime and sailboats. It’s a really good combination. What a treat this spot is for your wedding guests! I was so grateful to be in such a pretty spot on such a gorgeous day.


The nice thing about having a team of photographers is that you get more than one perspective. It’s a bit like watching a movie, you need multiple camera angles to tell the story properly and keep the film visually interesting. It’s important to see the big picture and the little details!


Making Mike a husband. <3




Yes, let’s! LOL! All this sea air as really worked up my appetite!


Too adorable.


After the ceremony we took Regina and Mike back out onto the dock for some fun “just married” photos.


This is one of my all time favorites. It just screams, Happy to be married in Newport!

Plus, look at those arms, What the What?!


First Dance time. The light inside the Bohlin tent is fantastic. Plus, it’s a Sperry Tent so it’s extra deluxe.


Toasts by the MOH’s.


Of course at sunset we had to go back out onto the dock for some evening photos.

Regina had a hair change too so we wanted to get some romantic shots of her night-time look.

The boaters are all so friendly! Everybody loves a newly married couple!


Aaah, that’s what I’m talking about.


Row Row Row your mance. 🙂


Party Time!


Dancing the night away under the market lights?


Twinkly toes under the twinkle lights!



This is where I give you my two cents. 🙂

Often, it seems like the spot we put you in for photos is kind of a hot mess. (see photo below) Sometimes this can be upsetting to the bridal party or families watching on. Not to worry! We are looking for the best angle to get a clean shot, so while the tourists cannot be avoided in Newport on a summer day, we are working around them!

I know there isn’t a way to avoid the well meaning questions like, “Are you getting that sunburned guy with the arm cast in the background?” As long as our clients (that’s you) know we’re cropping them out, I’m happy.


… and my Bohlin Wedding tip for the day… consider a wedge shoe. LOL. That dock is a real heel cruncher!

Twice we had to free Regina (and her Kate Spade shoe) from it’s clutches.

Team Awesome

Venue Coordinator: Sara at The Bohlin

Video: Mike Picard

Band: The Connection

Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay


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