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A Castle Hill Wedding …or…Seattle Meets Newport: Erin + Sean’s {Rainy Of Course} Castle Hill Wedding

October 24, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Want to know the secret to a long and happy marriage? Take a look at Erin and Sean’s Castle Hill Wedding and pay close attention to the little things.

E & S are so sweet to each other it’s as if they are on a perpetual first date. All the ingredients are there: romance, laughter, concern for each others comfort and thoughtful touches to make one another feel special. Yes, Erin and Sean’s wedding was like one big magical first date that we all got to share!

Think back to your first date with the one you love. Can you practically feel yourself there? You can remember it so vividly because it touched on all your senses. Erin and Sean’s wedding was like that too!

Smell: Erin and Sean picked out special cologne and perfume that they’d never worn before and will only wear on their anniversaries. That way every time they celebrate another year together the smell of their signature scents will bring them right back to their wedding day.

Sight: Erin and Sean had a sweet moment alone together in the garden at Castle Hill, where Sean could watch Erin cascading toward him and have that moment forever frozen in his memory.

Taste: The theme of the wedding was designed around Erin and Sean’s love of wine; there were: wine barrels, special wine bottles, cork place card holders, a wine box to hold their anniversary wine, and of course- lots of wine to enjoy on the wedding day!

Hear: Erin’s family surprised her with Irish step dancers at the reception. The stomping of their feet in time to the festive music was emotional and exciting.

Touch: Too many kisses to count! But even more memorable, the feeling of the rain starting to pit pat pit pat during the ceremony then opening up into a full deluge as E & S ran down the aisle toward the cocktail tent. Who could forget that?!

Want to make sure that your wedding memories stand the test of time? Make sure you touch on all the senses just like Erin and Sean.

The Team:

Venue and Catering: Castle Hill, Wedding Planner: Couture Parties, Hair and Makeup: Wavelengths Salon and Spa, Florist: Sayles Livingston, Cake: Confectionery Designs

E + S had a wine themed logo made and used it on their invites and throughout the wedding.

Castle Hill Wedding0001Sean’s cufflinks, 71.35 W by 41.46 N represent the latitude and longitude of Castle Hill! His wedding band has Erin’s thumbprint imprinted on it!Castle Hill Wedding0002Does Erin know her man or what?!Castle Hill Wedding0003Thoughtful touches for the bridesmaids too… custom hangers for all.Castle Hill Wedding0004Sean looking very determined to get that bow tie just right.Castle Hill Wedding0005Meanwhile, Erin is much more relaxed!Castle Hill Wedding0006First look in the garden at Castle Hill.Castle Hill Wedding0007E & S are a little excited!Castle Hill Wedding0008Matching, obvi.Castle Hill Wedding0009Erin’s  Calla Lilly bouquet had a cork wrap with their logo and a four leaf clover pin that is a family heirloom.Castle Hill Wedding0010Instead of programs, Erin and Sean had a chalkboard made with the names of their bridal party.Castle Hill Wedding0011As we began the formal photos, the sailboats started streaming by. Castle Hill Wedding0012Big Family… Small Family… Lots of Love.Castle Hill Wedding0013The bridesmaids and groomsmen really “pop” off our grey background with that pretty wine inspired color choice!Castle Hill Wedding0014Loving the dramatic sky and water thanks to the rain cell approaching.Castle Hill Wedding0015Taking our chances that the rain will hold off, Erin’s dad walks her across the lawn at CH.Castle Hill Wedding0016Too perfect!Castle Hill Wedding0017And there’s that pitter patter I mentioned earlier…Castle Hill Wedding0018Things are starting to get a little dicey, but who cares they’re married!Castle Hill Wedding0019Mr and Mrs!!! Castle Hill Wedding0020…and the deluge!Collage 33It’s warm and dry under the tent… and there’s cocktails! Castle Hill Wedding0022Beautiful arrangements by Sayles Livingston, love those plum colored Dahlias!Castle Hill Wedding0023The Bling, in a wine glass of course… and the pretty cake by Confectionery Designs perched perfectly atop a wine barrel. Castle Hill Wedding0024A dramatic entrance for E & S.Castle Hill Wedding0025Smooching under the market lights.Castle Hill Wedding0026Dinner and a show. These girls were AMAZING!Castle Hill Wedding0027And completely adorable.Castle Hill Wedding0028It’s always best to end the night with… Touch.Castle Hill Wedding0029It’s been a little while since we had any BEHIND THE SNAPS on the blog. This one, is technically… BEHIND THE SNAPPER. I had no idea they were doing that- that’s how focused I am! Collage 32

  1. Sean Carmickle says:

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words but all your pictures can be summed up in one word, love! First, I love the pictures and how you captured the little nuances that is us. I love how each picture allows all of our senses to go back in time and relive that moment over and over again. Finally, I love the way you were able to make two awkward and geeky people look so great on their perpetual first date. Thank you so much and we can’t wait to host you here in Seattle. Don’t worry it doesn’t rain every day just 364 of them.

  2. Melissa Barnes Peers says:

    Absoluetly Gorgeous Wedding!!!!Much Love!!!!!

  3. Carol Wichmann says:

    Lovely wedding. So glad i was able to be there. Much love.

  4. Kathy Carmickle says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, wedding! The pictures are fabulous! Love you both!!

  5. Melissa Parsons Flanigan says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful Wedding!

  6. Marley Harbuck Gibson says:

    Amazingly gorgeous, creative, and capturing the essence of Sean and Erin. I remember when you two started dating back in Boston! I wish you nothing but joy and happiness! Hugs!!

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