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Liya + Ben’s South Dartmouth Engagement Session

October 17, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Meeting Liya and Ben for their South Dartmouth engagement session, we felt a little like we were sucked into a tornado, spent an hour photo-ing in Oz and then landed back in the real world as they drove away toward the airport for their next adventure. Like Oz, life just seems more colorful in Liya and Ben’s company. These two are pretty magical… funny, bright, and totally in love. They have crazy energy, crazy stories and are crazy for each other. You get the feeling that they fly by the seat of their pants (especially that cutie Liya) but somehow everything manages to work out beautifully (that might be Ben’s contribution). Whatever the recipe… they are just right. We laughed, we learned a lot about them, and we made two fabulous new friends. Can’t wait for their wedding next July in Oz at Castle Hill.

We started our shoot at Ben’s parents house in South Dartmouth which is a gem of a town right on the water, so pretty!

Dartmouth Engagement Session0018Hammock snuggles are a must after a stressful morning!Dartmouth Engagement Session0019Liya is very inhibited, it’s too bad because we just wanted to get a fun shot and she wouldn’t cooperate.Dartmouth Engagement Session0020Yep, Ben is over the moon for Liya… who could blame him?Dartmouth Engagement Session0021Dartmouth Engagement Session0022And I am over the moon for Liya’s ring…I must remember to ask her where she got it. Underneath the ring the prongs form a starfish that holds the diamond in place because starfish cling to their mates. Awwww…Dartmouth Engagement Session0023This spot is around the corner from Ben’s house. Lucky.Dartmouth Engagement Session0024Dartmouth Engagement Session0025Liya has great style, I love her dress.Dartmouth Engagement Session0026Ben knows how to give a proper hug.Dartmouth Engagement Session0027And a ride in a wheelbarrow.Dartmouth Engagement Session0028This location was so cute, and deserted! New Bedford Yacht Club.Dartmouth Engagement Session0029Technically not a yacht, and technically not Liya’s but that didn’t stop her from getting into it. That’s our little adventure girl! Till next time!Dartmouth Engagement Session0030

  1. Liya Shuster says:

    Mariah + Trish — these. are. nuts !!!!! Thank you both so much — we couldn’t dream of more talented photographers. You literally transformed bens parents backyard into something even more magical than it already is! We’re obsessed and can’t wait to share our big day with you! PS — love that you were able to catch our entire relationship dynamic in just 60 minutes

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