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Newport Engagement Session on the Cliff Walk

June 12, 2018

We took a little stroll with Olivia and JD for their Newport Engagement Session on the Cliff Walk and hit some of the prettiest lookouts along the way.

We really love the Cliff Walk, especially on a Wednesday (not too many people) and in June (Holla! the nice weather is finally here)! We really lucked out with this beautiful day. This shot was taken from the top of 40 Steps. It’s kind of postcard perfect!


40 Steps …about 20 steps in 🙂 Love the way Olivia’s dress is blowing in the breeze.

This is a tricky spot, there are ALWAYS mobs of people coming up and down the steps. There was actually a guy in a bright red shirt at the bottom of the stairs who I swear was passive aggressively getting in our shot, but he’s no match for our mad composition skills. We’re always hiding background people behind stuff, sometimes even behind the couple!


This view is the bottom of 40 Steps, but it kind of has that “end of the earth” feeling. Romantic!


We snapped it up at the Ruggles Avenue entrance to the Cliff Walk a little further down. Hard to decide which direction looks better! 😉


We’ll be photographing JD and Olivia again in July for their big wedding day at Rosecliff, can’t wait!!!

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