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Meghan and Teddy’s Providence College Engagement Session

December 18, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

We met Meghan and Teddy at their old stomping grounds for their Providence College Engagement Session! This was our last engagement shoot of the 2014 season. We took advantage of a sunny day and what was left of foliage to eek out a beautiful although a little nippy shoot. Not a problem for Meghan and Teddy- they had each other to snuggle.

Meghan’s stunning engagement ring nestled in the leaves.

Providence College Engagement Session0001Returning to the scene of the crime. What an impressive building!Providence College Engagement Session0002We’ll call this one red headed girl with red headed tree…Providence College Engagement Session0003Strolling and canoodling on campus.Providence College Engagement Session0004Meghan and Teddy were a little nervous at first but they got the hang of it. Quick studies! Wonder if it was like that in their college days?Providence College Engagement Session0005I think it’s amazing when you meet your future husband or wife at college. You get an education and a life partner, one stop shopping.Providence College Engagement Session0006We made our way over to the Benefit Street area for a little more of a taste of Providence. Meghan and Teddy look pretty romantic here, but they had actually just finished arguing over who has the best coffee, Seven Stars or LaSalle bakery. PC grads… weigh in on the debate. I don’t think the squirrel cares one way or the other as long as he gets some crumbs.Providence College Engagement Session0007Love this doorstep, have always wanted to use it but the light has never been right…until now!Providence College Engagement Session0008A rainbow of fauna.Providence College Engagement Session0009I guess the coffee disagreement isn’t a deal breaker, it isn’t putting a hurt on the lovey dovey stuff.Providence College Engagement Session0010I love this one, it’s just so boy and girl.Providence College Engagement Session0011I love it when the last shot of the session is the money shot. Bam! Love. Done.Providence College Engagement Session0012Meghan and Teddy- I have the answer! Pick up a lemon cake at Seven Stars and then swing over to LaSalle bakery for your coffee- best of both worlds and best of all, compromise! See you in October!

  1. Meghan Glynn says:

    Thank you so much for the engagement pictures! We love them!!

  2. […] of history, the first time we met Meghan and Teddy was at Providence College for their engagement shoot. That was a fabulous fall day too! Which has us wondering… Meghan do you plan these big […]

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