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Castle Hill Wedding with True Event

December 16, 2014

There’s nothing quite like a Castle Hill Wedding, except maybe a Castle Hill Wedding with A List vendors. For privacy reasons we cannot share all of the wonderful photos of our bride and groom in this blog post, but that does not have to stop us from sharing all the delicious details and giving the fabulous vendors their well deserved accolades!

It’s difficult to tell the story of the wedding day without the emotional photos of the people, you know the snap girls love themselves some emotions! So I’ve taken this as a challenge to see if I can illustrate the beauty and emotion of the day through details and atmosphere. Can details and atmosphere be emotional? I think they can, but you be the judge!

I don’t know about you but this photo definitely makes me excited…

Castle Hill Wedding0001So the bride has a sexy side, I think it’s important for a woman to be a little mysterious don’t you? Keep your man guessing!Castle Hill Wedding0002Anticipation and champagne, a great pairing.Castle Hill Wedding0003The serenity of a warm seaside afternoon. Castle Hill offers an abundance of these type of vignettes.Castle Hill Wedding0004eLEGance.Castle Hill Wedding0005Happy jitters and a ticking wristwatch, both a gift to the groom from the bride.Castle Hill Wedding0006Lovely and deceptively simple bouquet by Hana Floral Design.Castle Hill Wedding0007A cascading bride and a rolling lawn both make a statement.Castle Hill Wedding0008The famous and impressive St. Mary’s Church where Jackie and JFK were married. Our bride waits patiently for her turn to take the same steps toward her groom.Castle Hill Wedding0009On top of the world, together.Castle Hill Wedding0010Taking a moment to breathe and have gratitude.Castle Hill Wedding0011A soft and sunny cocktail hour. Blush arrangements by Hana Floral Design.Castle Hill Wedding0012Refreshing Bevies: Dark and Stormys. Delicious nibbles by Castle Hill.Castle Hill Wedding0013A striking centerpiece for the reception, cake by Confectionery Designs. Chandeliers by Ryan Designs.Castle Hill Wedding0014An overflow of orchids grace the seating card table and a stylish menu describes the feast to come.Castle Hill Wedding0015Opulent frames for the table numbers and a garland of orchids adorn the bride and groom’s chairs.Castle Hill Wedding0016Fresh and luscious.Castle Hill Wedding0017Everything sparkles, the love is in the details.Castle Hill Wedding0018Quiet time together to savor the last bits of the evening.Castle Hill Wedding0019Joining the festive party in progress.Castle Hill Wedding0020Ambiance courtesy of Ryan Designs and love courtesy of the newlyweds, the start to a wonderful life!Castle Hill Wedding0021Cheers to Sarah True of True Event and her wonderful team for making this wedding so beautiful and so smooth. The florals were truly out of this world, the quality and the attention to detail by Hana Floral Design is incomparable. As always Castle Hill make an impressive background, and a sumptuous meal. Confectionery Design’s cakes are the fairest in the land, exquisite in every detail. Ryan Designs made the room sparkle and twinkle with their lighting. We had the lovely fortune of working along side videographer Mike Cyr of Buzz Media, his company is always appreciated and his aesthetic is a perfect match for ours. Thank you everyone, what a dream team for this Castle Hill Wedding!

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