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Leah + Gueric’s Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session

May 8, 2015

By Mariah Ashley


Leah and Gueric are getting married in 30 days! Eeek! They’re both so excited, their energy is infectious! We met them for a Salve Regina Newport RI engagement session earlier this week. Leah is a Salve grad, in fact she’s celebrating her 10 year reunion the weekend of their wedding. Time flies when you’re having fun, meeting Gueric and falling in love.

With special permission, thanks to Leah’s alumni status, we started our shoot inside Salve’s Ochre Court. We love this spot, it’s rich and romantic.

Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0001Since they are under a bit of a time crunch, Leah and Gueric took this opportunity to practice their first dance a little, I think they are going to nail it! Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0002Like many of our clients, Leah and Gueric met online. It was a cold and rainy night… no seriously, it was. Leah thought she’d rather stay home on the couch than go out into the February drizzle. Little did she know she was about to meet the man of her dreams.Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0003They spend three hours chatting over dinner, closing the restaurant.Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0004The next date? One vanilla latte and four more hours of conversation. Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0005From a cold rainy February night to a romance in full bloom!

Trish and I saw this spot on the side of the road as we drove from Salve to Third beach. It reminded me of a Spring parfait, layer of green, layer of pink, layer of yellow. We pulled over and hopped out with Gueric and Leah following us. Leah was excited because she had read on the blog how we have a tendency to slam on the brakes when a great location presents itself!Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0006In life, if true love knocks on your door you’d better open it!Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0007Speaking of true love… this is Hudson. Gueric and Leah’s golden doodle…more golden than doodle. Yes, he frequently wears bow ties.Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0008We can’t wait … 30 days to go! See you back in Newport Leah and Gueric!Salve Regina Newport RI Engagement Session0009

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