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Happy Mothers Day!

May 10, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

We love the Snap! moms, and we know how important they are to our clients. We always pay special attention at our weddings to capturing awesome mom photos. It’s pretty easy considering how awesome Snap! moms tend to be!

We love this shot of Ben and his mom, mid mother/son dance. To me it looks like his mom is saying, “Yes, I know you are up to mischief, this time I want to be in on it with you!”

MothersDay0001Whit and her mom are super close. {left}. Their relationship is an inspiration, I hope my relationship with my daughter looks like this on her wedding day. {Right} Mel’s mom was so excited to have a special portrait with her daughter, we took a few standard shots and then they did this! Priceless!MothersDay0002I never appreciated the sweetness of the mother son dance until I had a son of my own. I totally feel the happy tears that Josh’s mom is experiencing. This is her little boy! He’s a man! She must be so proud, and so overwhelmed by how fast time goes by all at once.MothersDay0003Courtney’s mom was so attentive to her while she was getting ready. How many times growing up did your mom help you with your hair, consult you on your outfit, take you to have your nails done? Your mom is your first style influence. She’s also your first example of female beauty, smarts and power.MothersDay0004I know when my son gets married it’s going to be a little hard to let go. Anthony’s mom gives his hand once last squeeze before he becomes a husband.MothersDay0005Did you confide in your mom? Was she/ is she a confidant? NOTHING makes me feel like a better mother than when my daughter tells me her troubles or her joys. Recently she confided she kissed a boy on the seventh grade ski trip. It’s one of the highlights of my parenting! I figure if she’d tell me that, I must be doing something right.

I love seeing tender moment like Jenni and her mom {left}, and Kate and he mom {right}.MothersDay0006It’s hard for moms, being the tough guy all the time, keeping everyone in line and running a tight ship. Sometimes they just want to let their hair down and act irresponsible and kooky with the rest of the family. Isn’t it great when your mom laughs? How adorable are Julie and her mom {left} and Christy and her mom {right}? They’re clones!MothersDay0007Speaking of goofy… I find it’s a little easier to be whacky with my son. We’ve had many dance parties in the kitchen. I’ve had my mother son wedding song picked out since he was about five. I sure hope his future wife doesn’t try to veto me on it because that will be a problem.

Something tells me that this is not Seth’s {left} first dance party with his mom, nor Michael’s {right}. Just in case you were wondering, yes- Seth and his mom are dancing to Thriller, and it was fantastic.MothersDay0008It’s a strange thing when your little boy is big enough to spin you around the dance floor like Colin {left} or sweep you off your feet like Michael {right}. You find yourself having to look up to scold them when they are about 16 and it’s only uphill from there, so to speak.MothersDay0009Don’t all mothers deserve a round of applause? The Snap moms certainly do… give your mom a standing ovation today!MothersDay0010

Happy Mothers Day!


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