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Katie + Andrew’s Newport Rhode Island Engagement Session & Sweet Secret Ceremony

July 1, 2013

Get ready for some whirlwind romance! In just a few days,  Katie and Andrew moved from Alabama, had their engagement session, got married “secretly”, and said goodbye for the summer because Andrew left for Germany {he’s a helicopter pilot in the Army}. In order for Katie to follow him out there this fall they needed to be married… so hence the whirlwind! Katie is a long time Snap! fan. We photographed her sister Corrie’s wedding at Blithewold five years ago. Katie was so excited to contact us about her “official” wedding next May at the Glen Manor that I think I counted about 50 exclamation points in her email. I was laying in bed this morning thinking about what I wanted to say about Katie and Andrew for this blog post, and thought of one of my favorite songs. This song reminds me of them and not just because the first line is about Alabama. Katie is so warm and sweet, she makes you feel right at home. Andrew moved a lot with his family growing up and now he’s in the service which means he’s still moving around a lot. When he met Katie he must have felt like he found home. It’s obvious watching them that they are on amazing adventure together and that everywhere they go, home is where they’ll be with each other.

Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma & Pa
Not the way that I do love you

Holy Moley, Me-oh-My, you’re the apple of my eye
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Man, oh man, you’re my best friend,
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain’t nothin’ that I need

Well, hot & heavy, pumpkin pie,
chocolate candy, Jesus Christ
There ain’t nothin’ please me more than you

Ahh, Home
Let me come Home
Home is wherever I’m with you

La la la la, take me Home
Baby, I’m coming Home

I’ll follow you into the park,
through the jungle, through the dark
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Moats & boats & waterfalls,
alley ways & pay phone calls
I’ve been everywhere with you

That’s true

We laugh until we think we’ll die,
barefoot on a summer night
Nothin’ new is sweeter than with you

And in the streets we’re running
free like i’s only you and mee
Geez, you’re somethin’ to see.

Ahh, Home
Let me come Home
Home is wherever I’m with you

~Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

We start our whirlwind off with an engagement session. Katie grew up playing in the woods behind the Glen Manor house, so we decided that would be a good place to snap the session. The weather wasn’t very cooperative but it actually made for some fun misty & romantic pics.

Day Two….

The next day we met Katie and Andrew and their families at Salve Regina for an intimate little ceremony. The cherry on top the already adorable cake was the get away car, a baby blue 1967 VW bug., lovingly decorated by Katie’s two fabulous sisters and chauffeured by her big brother! FYI, Katie’s pretty little orange bouquet was created by Clements Market in Portsmouth.

Last and certainly least… adventure snapping! Katie + Andrew, we can’t wait for the “official” wedding next May! Be safe and take care of one another until then! XOXO

  1. Martha Harris Collins says:

    I LOVE this !!

  2. Rosemary Davidson says:

    Happiness personified!

  3. Leah BouRamia says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, you both look so happy!

  4. Kim Whipkey Pinneo says:

    Oh Katie, these pictures brought a tear to my eye! How sweet and beautiful. I love seeing your happiness!

  5. Sylvia Benson Thornton says:

    Absolutely heavenly! Sweet moments! Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Karie Helms says:

    So beautiful! Each and every photo just shines with happiness! Congratulations!

  7. Danielle Boucher says:

    Congratulations beautiful pictures

  8. […] Katie and Andrew at their first “little” wedding back in June of 2013! See the blog post from that day here! […]

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