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Katharine + Kevin’s Glen Manor Wedding

September 11, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

I am thankful  that I had waterproof mascara at Katharine and Kevin’s Glen Manor wedding. If not for waterproof mascara, I would have spent the day looking like a raccoon for all the tearjerker moments! The flood works started during the ceremony when Katharine and Kevin’s fathers sang an adorable rendition of That’s What Family’s For, a play on That’s What Friends are For. The tear inducing serenades continued at the reception when Kevin’s grandfather sang an impromptu song to the newlyweds. Kevin’s grandfather and grandmother have been married 61 years!

Katharine and Kevin’s vows to each other were the biggest sob-causer. Kevin told Katharine that he would be, “Thankful for you,” and “Thankful for us,” every night when he meditates on what he is thankful for. I think any husband who ends his day thinking how thankful he is for his wife and his life is in for a long and happy marriage. I wouldn’t be surprised if they topped 61 years!

The excitement that Katharine and Kevin felt in marrying each other was palpable and it was such a pleasure to snap one happy photo after the next.

The Team

Venue: Glen Manor, Caterer: Blackstone, Florist: Clements Market, DJ: Luke Renchan, Cake: The French Connection, Hair: Bella Beauty

Glen Manor Wedding0001Glen Manor Wedding0002Glen Manor Wedding0003Glen Manor Wedding0004Glen Manor Wedding0005Glen Manor Wedding0006Glen Manor Wedding0007Glen Manor Wedding0008Glen Manor Wedding0009Glen Manor Wedding0010I don’t normally post two photos so alike, but I couldn’t resist this fabulous spontaneous laugh from Katharine!Glen Manor Wedding0011This photo is in my mind, perfection. Classic, dramatic, full of love. This one deserves a place of honor and some wall space!Glen Manor Wedding0012Glen Manor Wedding0013Glen Manor Wedding0014Glen Manor Wedding0015Glen Manor Wedding0016Glen Manor Wedding0017The day wasn’t all tears! Major laughs for Kevin’s break out dance moves!Glen Manor Wedding0018Glen Manor Wedding0019Glen Manor Wedding0020Glen Manor Wedding0021Glen Manor Wedding0022Glen Manor Wedding0023Glen Manor Wedding0024Glen Manor Wedding0025


  1. Bea Modisett says:

    These are fantastic!!! Having been there for the actual day, I can say that these really capture the joy and love that every single person there felt. Thank you!

  2. Katharine L. Modisett says:

    Thanks so much Trish and Mariah for capturing our awesome day with family and friends! We will cherish these!!

  3. Sarah Gard Lazarus says:

    These are amazing.
    You caught amazing moments.

  4. Gizella Reid says:

    Amazing!!! Fantastic photographs, beautiful Family!!!

  5. Joan Scanlon-West says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Lots of Luck!

  6. Nancy Reed says:

    Beautiful wedding..

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