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Karen + Kevin’s Newport Rhode Island Wedding, Inn at Castle Hill

September 26, 2013

How women are like cars… “All men admire them but few men will get to try out the racier ones.” ~ yours truly

Karen is a complex lady… here’s a little riddle about Karen. How are these orange items all like Karen? The sun, oranges, and cayenne peppers? Answer: They are HOT, SWEET, AND SPICY! Orange was the theme for the day right down to Kevin’s classic 1972 Corvette Stingray. Being around Karen and Kevin is like being sucked into a love bubble and you never want the warm fuzzy feeling to end. There were so many magical little moments in this magical little wedding of 25 people…  Kevin’s reaction to seeing Karen for the first time, guests watching sailboats and sipping Bermuda Rum Swizzles, hearing the harpist playing softly in the distance as we walked the path through the woods to the lighthouse for the ceremony, and seeing the sun set behind the lighthouse as Karen and Kevin said their vows. It was almost to sweet to be real, but exactly what Kevin and Karen had dreamed of. This day could not have happened to nicer or more deserving people and it will be a standout wedding for Snap! forever.

Big thanks to the other amazing vendors who made this day all the sweeter…the very talented harpist, Lizary Rodriquez, Karen’s beautiful up do by Ernie Aquiar of Salon Couture, Makeup by our friend Amanda at New Leaf Hair Studio, the absolutely gorgeous florals by Terry Cabral of Ray’s Flower Shop, Catering and Venue by Castle Hill, and the scrumptious cake by… Scrumptions!

Snap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill NewportSnap! Weddings Inn at Castle Hill Newport

Now it’s time for BEHIND THE SNAPS! The snappers get personal…

Sometimes you meet people and you understand right away that you’ve met them for a reason. Karen and Kevin (actually Kevin in particular is one such person). Once every few years {4.333 years to be exact}, like comets, leap years, or the Olympics, a Noodleman comes along. Noodlemen are rare creatures and if you happen upon one you should snatch him up, if you don’t mind a painful personal story read on to learn more about the elusive Noodleman.

Take a trip with me back 13 years ago to the year 2000. See that happy blonde girl {me} in the middle of the photo above? Yeah, I didn’t look like that back then. Instead of sparkle there was sadness. Why? Because I had married the wrong person and was really sad…all the time. In the summer of 2000 I shot the wedding of Laura and Phil Nudleman on Cape Cod. Much like Karen and Kevin, Laura and Phil were made for each other. No one else on the planet was a more perfect match for them. I was completely blown away by them, and when Phil Nudleman sang a song to Laura that he had written and composed especially for her, especially for their wedding day I knew that I would never be happy without a Noodleman of my own. In short, someone who thought the sun rose and set on my smile and was over the moon in love with me and someone who I felt exactly the same way about. I dreamt of my own Noodleman for 4.33 years. In that time I separated and divorced. I decided that being single was fine but that if a Noodleman ever crossed my path I knew I would recognize him. Low and behold, one day in 2004 a Noodleman walked right up to my front door and introduced himself. He said, “Hi I’m Don.” And we fell in love instantly. On our third date he asked me if I was his girlfriend, and I said I was and that he was my Noodleman 2.0. He proceeded to write and record two songs written especially for me including one called “Don’t forget the moon.” Romantic! Four years after that were married.

Divorce isn’t easy, but being married to the wrong person is even harder. That’s why it’s so important to wait for the one who is your Noodleman.  Kevin is a Noodleman. He’s Noodleman 3.0 Karen is a very luck lady to have discovered her own Noodleman.

Trish went through a divorce a few years ago. She’s doing great, she’s sassy and single but even sassy can get lonely sometimes. When we photographed Karen and Kevin it really moved her. She wants her own Kevin a.k.a. Noodleman 3.0, and it wouldn’t hurt if he had a classic car either. Little known fact about Trish… she LOVES classic cars, new cars, race cars…and she loves to drive FAST and down BUMPY roads. Maybe her Noodleman could be a mechanic too… just sayin’. Thanks to Kevin for inspiring to Trish to settle for nothing  but her very own Noodleman. I hope he doesn’t wait 4.33 years to come along, but I’m sure if he does he’ll be worth every minute.

  1. Karen L. Medeiros says:

    Absolutely AMAZING!! Can’t stop looking at these gorg pics! Mariah, Trish, you both are unbelievable! The emotions and expressions you caught on camera are truly priceless!! We can’t wait to see more!! Sharing your personal story was very touching and personal to me! And we LOVE the Noodleman story! You hit the nail on the head about us in a love bubble! LOL! Honk Honk I Love My Noodleman!!

  2. Sayles Livingston Flowers says:


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