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Jessica and Eric’s Ocean Edge Resort Wedding, Brewster MA

June 4, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Jessie and Eric’s Ocean Edge Resort Wedding was epically pretty, much like the bride herself. Eric certainly was not immune to her magnetic charms. As the story goes, Eric and Jessie met on Jessie’s first day of freshman year at UMASS Amherst. Her dad was helping her move in and Eric, an upperclassman,  spotted the lovely freshman. In true chivalrous form Eric offered to help move her in…. to his life! LOL.

Fast forward a few fun years of dating and Eric proposed on a beloved family beach in Cape Cod, hiding himself in the dunes and leaving a seashell inscribed with the words Will You Marry Me in the sand for Jessie to find.

Ocean Edge Wedding0001Jessie’s friends describe her as a girl who can do it all… excel in her career as a nurse, workout like a beast, throw parties that Martha Stewart would envy, cook amazing gourmet meals, and of course she is always well dressed.Ocean Edge Wedding0002Eric bought Jessie the fabulous necklace and earrings she wore on the wedding day.Ocean Edge Wedding0003

Jessie told us, and I quote… “I love veil volume!” She’s a girl after our own hearts, for Trish and me there is only one rule concerning veils and that’s … the bigger the better! Here’s Jessie’s mom and her sister Grace helping her into her gown.

Ocean Edge Wedding0004

I joked with Jessie about what a lucky girl she is, she has a handsome husband to be, a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy on the way, amazing friends, and a honeymoon to Antigua. Maybe it’s just karma in action as she spends most of her time as a nurse caring for others. Her father said during his toast, “Jessie is such a sweet, kind person she made it her profession.”

Ocean Edge Wedding0005

Practicing the veil lift with dad.

Ocean Edge Wedding0006

I always love the bit of time that the bride and her father have alone before the big walk down the aisle.

Ocean Edge Wedding0007

Eric waiting for his bride.

Ocean Edge Wedding0008

Jessie’s dad looks a little pained here, but I know he is happy about having Eric as a son in law. He said that Eric fit into their family immediately, even though it was all girls in kitties. Finally he had a buddy for grilling and boating!

Ocean Edge Wedding0009


Ocean Edge Wedding0010

It had been overcast all day, but during the ceremony the sun came out and the light was perfection for our portraits.

Ocean Edge Wedding0011


Ocean Edge Wedding0012

Holy Blooming Beach Trees!

Have you ever seen anything like this? I haven’t and I grew up on Cape Cod! Honestly, the pathway down to the beach looked like a movie set, it was so beautiful … so full of blossoms that it was impossible to take in and fully appreciate. Trish and I were so excited, we just started snapping like mad.

The day of their engagement session, Jessie and Eric took me to a beach that had a tree covered in sea shells, I didn’t think in a million years that experience could be beaten, until there was this…

Ocean Edge Wedding0013


Ocean Edge Wedding0014

Tide out… sun setting… photographer’s dream.

Ocean Edge Wedding0015

These two are such love birds. Eric has killer romance moves, he needs no coaching!

Ocean Edge Wedding0016

Don’t you want your man to kiss your forehead like this? Of course you do!

Jessie’s sister Grace said that Jessie and Eric’s relationship was the example for her of what head over heels in love looks like. That’s a good example to have and we are certain the adorable Grace will find it to!

Ocean Edge Wedding0017

We would have liked to stay on the beach all night but there was a party waiting for us. However, we couldn’t resist a few more photos of Jessie on the way back. It does not get dreamier than this.

Ocean Edge Wedding0018

After all that snapping it was time for the party.

Ocean Edge Wedding0019

Jessie’s dad gave a beautiful toast.

Ocean Edge Wedding0020

Eric’s proud parents look on…

Ocean Edge Wedding0021

The queen on her mobile throne. Ha-ha.

Ocean Edge Wedding0022

As we all know it is not easy to look as fit as Jessie does. There’s a lot of hours spent at the gym and a lot of hours NOT eating cake. Jessie was REALLY excited about finally having cake! I believe it was cheesecake and red velvet… but don’t quote me on that.

Ocean Edge Wedding0023

As usual the day went by way too fast but I think Jessie and Eric really enjoyed every moment of their day. Besides, they had a honeymoon in Antigua to get to and a furry baby waiting for them when they got back… just the start of a fabulous future together. It all started in a dorm room in Amherst MA, but the skies the limit for where their life together will take them! Lots of love Jessie and Eric! xoxo The Snap Girls.

Ocean Edge Wedding0024

If you love Jessie and Eric … leave them a comment below!

  1. Emily Trogdon says:

    Looking at all of these photos and reading these beautiful words brings tears to my eyes! The day was so magical. Jessie, you were the most beautiful bride – and it was easy because you are the most loving and beautiful person I know! Eric, you were the most handsome groom – and that was easy because your love for Jessie was glowing all day! You both deserve the happiest marriage and I am so lucky to have you both in my life now, especially as Mr. and Mrs. Santos! I love you both so much!


  2. Michelle & David Allman says:

    A true modern day Love Story 🙂
    Beautiful subjects & photography!
    Im crying, again :)Happy Tears 🙂
    Blessed to have witnessed it all ! 🙂
    Thank you ! <3 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow!!!! First, I absolutely love everything you’ve written.. You’ve said it all and told our story beautifully. Secondly, OMG! These pictures are stunning! We are so lucky to have had you been such a amazing part of our day! You’ve given us such a gift to be able to have these photographs of our wedding. Each one is more perfect than the next! Thank you for all you’ve done for us and how special you’ve made us feel =) We love our Snap Girls!!!!

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