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Heather and JP’s Glen Manor Wedding

June 11, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Heather and JP’s Glen Manor wedding was in one word, dreamy. Heather said it best when she arrived at the Glen Manor, she saw all of her vendors hard at work setting up, surveyed the ballroom and burst into tears exclaiming, “It’s my dream!” Nothing could make us all happier than helping Heather realize her dream. She waited for the perfect man, chose the perfect location, was blessed with perfect weather, and assembled the perfect vendors, Blackstone Caterers, Stoneblossom, Confectionery Designs, Tree of Life Films, and of course The Snap Girls.

Glen Manor Wedding0001

The wedding rings perched atop Heather’s clutch.

Glen Manor Wedding0002

Heather’s motto for the wedding? “I believe perfection is attainable.” Now there’s a girl after my own heart, you’d almost think she was a Virgo like me.

Glen Manor Wedding0003

Soft and pretty.

Glen Manor Wedding0004

You are officially a bride when the veil goes on. Period.

Glen Manor Wedding0005

JP and his sons, James and Aaron. How adorable are they? They are also just as cool as they are cute … JP included. Meanwhile, directly across the hall from Trish and the men, I was photographing Heather and her bridesmaids in a similar pose, aren’t they stunning?

Glen Manor Wedding0006

Heather told me that she chose green as her wedding color because when she was a little girl coloring she’d leave the green crayon for last. She felt when she colored the leaves on the trees, that’s what made the picture beautiful and she wanted to savor it.

Well Heather, there was no shortage of beautiful shades of green on this day!

Glen Manor Wedding0007

As happy as a wedding is, there’s always a bit of sadness mixed in too for the people who can’t be with you to celebrate. Heather’s father passed away last year and she grappled with the all the emotions of missing him. She got a little teary during these photos with her mom before the ceremony, you can see the shininess of tears in both of their eyes, two beautiful strong women.

Heather’s uncle had the pleasure of walking her down the aisle and he made a fabulous escort!

Glen Manor Wedding0008

JP’s expression is all joy for his bride.

Glen Manor Wedding0009

Heather and JP made sure to include Mr. Cool and Little Man {a.k.a. James and Aaron} in the ceremony. They also had a very romantic smooch to make the nuptials official.

Glen Manor Wedding0010


Glen Manor Wedding0011

The Glen Manor has this magical little spot where the sun sets behind the trees, it fills up with dreamy late afternoon light.

Glen Manor Wedding0012

The bridal party, formal.

Glen Manor Wedding0013

The family, goofy.

Glen Manor Wedding0014

Another facet of the Glen we love, taking a stroll down the hill to the water.

Glen Manor Wedding0015

It’s a bit of a hike to get down to this spot right on the Sakonnet River, but as you can see the view is worth it.

Glen Manor Wedding0016

At the Glen the dining room is separate from the ball room which gives it a very homey, intimate atmosphere… if your home is modeled after a french chateau that is…

Glen Manor Wedding0017

JP and Heather’s first dance.

Glen Manor Wedding0018

Finding a man who will hold you like this is worth the wait.

Glen Manor Wedding0019

JP’s best man toasted the new family, which he dubbed “The Fantastic Four.”

Glen Manor Wedding0020

We always try to sneak out and get a photo of the Glen at twilight, the building is lovely at this time.

Glen Manor Wedding0021

Kicking off the party with the “suspender / pinky dance” so funny!

Glen Manor Wedding0022

I don’t know what’s going on here but I like it.

Glen Manor Wedding0023

I’m insane for this photo, to me Heather is saying, “See sister? Told you perfection was attainable!”  And that’s how you do it! Holla!

Glen Manor Wedding0024

Loving JP’s undone tie, end of the evening, still debonaire look here. The day went by so quickly, but much like saving the green crayon for last, these two savored every minute of it… and that is the key to love and life isn’t it? Trying to enjoy each other every day… every second that you have together …whether it’s at a perfectly planned party or a lazy Sunday afternoon in sweats. Always be grateful for the love you’ve found and enjoy all the moments of your lives together.

Cheers to Heather and JP! Viva la green crayon! XOXO The Snap Girls

Glen Manor Wedding0025One last photo… a strange and wonderful occurrence at Heather and JP’s wedding. Heather tends to break out into blotches when she gets nervous. She hates it, but can’t do anything about it, so naturally she was nervous on the wedding day that she’d turn into a blotchy mess. Sure enough, as the ceremony drew closer she started developing a big blotch on her right bicep. The curious thing about the blotch was that it formed into a perfect heart that stayed with her from that moment until she walked down the aisle, when it faded away. Is it crazy to think maybe Heather’s dad had something to do with that? Maybe a little sign that he was with her after all? I’m choosing to think so.


  1. Heather Morice says:

    Where to begin…WOW…I LOVE this. I am speechless with these photos, not to mention the most heartfelt words which accompany them.

    Dear Future Brides and Grooms (but especially the Brides because let’s face it, you will do most of the planning),

    I must strongly and most persuasively encourage you to consider SNAP Weddings, for your most special day. If you’d indulge me, I will tell you a bit about how I became fortunate enough to work with them for my ‘dreamy’ wedding.

    After reviewing a few sites, I visited SNAP Weddings. It was nearly instantaneous…photo after photo, I noticed a timeless elegance and beauty, which was exactly what I had in mind. Then I read a little bit about their story and then we actually spoke…and that was pretty much it for me. Their spunk, positivity and professionalism was more than I had even hoped for…I felt like I was talking with my friends. They GET IT! They are grounded and fun and patient and MAGICAL!

    They expertly walked us through everything, every detail, every step of the way. They made us feel so comfortable and most importantly made us laugh. They captured these amazing moments, which I think tell the whole story, even if you weren’t there.

    Their talent is AWESOME in the truest sense of the word….only rivaled by their beautiful and spirited personalities…I promise, you will be in the best of hands, and I only hope this helps you to make at least one of the many decisions you are facing easier, one of the most important!

    Thank you, my amazing SNAP Girls- Trish and Mariah!

    Most graciously,

    …And by the way, things still feel pretty dreamy….can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Meg Simone says:

    Oh my gosh… I have goosebumps reading that last entry about the heart shaped blotch. That is amazing 🙂 A sign for sure 🙂 These images are STUNNING beyond words!! You girls consistently rock it out of the park. Your couples are lucky to have you xo

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