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Jenni + Scott’s Newport Rhode Island Wedding, Belle Mer’s Island House

October 10, 2013

“A wet knot is harder to untie.” – author unknown

…and that is why it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Actually, it didn’t rain on Jenni and Scott’s wedding day as much as it was just kind of damp… like a big wet foggy grey blanket was thrown over Newport. This day reminds me of one of those days you have when you’re on summer vacation at a beach house with your family and friends. You wake up in the morning all excited for a beach day, sun…sand…surf. But, when you throw open the shades you are greeted not with blue skies but with unrelenting grey. After you get over your initial disappointment you put on a hoodie and kind of settle into the day. You play games, you do crafts, someone makes yummy snacks, you tell jokes and family stories, laugh your butts off with your siblings, enjoy some comfort food, maybe even have an impromptu dance party.  The weather might not be what you had planned, but the grey day ends up being the best day of the whole otherwise sunny vacation. It’s not the weather that makes the day. It’s the people… and Jenni and Scott are two of the nicest, most fun people you’d ever meet. They make their own fun and take it with them everywhere they go. Jenni and Scott had…the best {grey} day ever.

A little shout out to Semia of Flowers by Semia and her team for adding the beautiful pops of pastel pink bouquets to warm-up and girl-up the grey. Jenni’s bouquets were sincerely the prettiest bouquets we’ve seen all year, and we see a lot of gorgeous flowers. There was just something magical about those big pink dahlias! A thank you to Mike Picard Videography’s team for being so easy to work with {as usual}. And of course, much love and appreciation to Emily of Belle Mer, who is always so positive and pleasant while running a tight ship! She’s our kind of girl!

And now for another installment of…BEHIND THE SNAPS

The best thing about being a snap girl? You know that your fellow snappers have always got your back. I love our little team. Just some of the reasons I love my snap girls…

Trish: She’s one of the friendliest people I know- she can make small talk with anyone and she knows how to make even the most camera skittish people feel downright comfy. She’s a great wedding guest wrangler, making sure she gets all those miscellaneous group photos done long after I’ve declared it an impossibility. I tease her about those group photos, but I love her for making it happen.

Liz: She’s our little protégée. She knows what we need before we even need it. She lugs our bags, lenses, lighting, and peanut butter sandwiches. She tweets, face books, and instagrams making us look like we aren’t from the dark ages. We’re hoping some of her youthful adorableness is rubbing off on us, but I’m not sure. Plus, sometimes she really nails a shot that we miss, i.e. every time there’s a dip during the first dance.

What do I {Mariah} add to the mix? Well… I don’t mind twisting myself into a pretzel, getting into precarious positions and sometimes into a few dangerous situations. Hey, whatever it takes to get the shot.

I managed not to fall in the crack between the seawall and the dock, but I did make myself good and sea sick while snapping Jenni and Scott. Oh well- had to cut that short, but guess what? Trish had my back…as usual.

  1. Laurie StPierre Bouley says:

    love! Jennifer Huze Ferlandi-your smile! radiant!

  2. Rob Westerberg says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

  3. Daniel J Cunningham says:

    My Son took a wife but I now have a Daughter. Scotts Mom and I are very proud of them, and love them both very much

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