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Caitlin and Chris’ Elegant Spring Wedding in Newport

May 24, 2016


Cailtin and Chris’ elegant spring wedding in Newport was centered around their amazing and supportive families. Caitlin and Chris are sweet, traditional and loving. It’s clear that their parents and siblings adore them. The MOB, Laurie, had all of Caitlin’s bridal items staged for us when we arrived for the “getting ready” photographs.

Isn’t the embroidered ribbon a lovely touch?

What you can’t tell from this photograph is that Laurie also made a wedding soundtrack to enhance the overall experience. {Every great love story needs a great soundtrack!}  I Enjoy Being a Girl, from the 1958 Rodgers and Hammerstein Musical Flower Drum Song was playing while we photographed all these very girly details. It really got us in the mood!


This is actually the second O’Brien wedding we have photographed! The first wedding was Kelly to Ryan in Newport back in the winter of 2012! Caitlin was a fantastic bridesmaid at that wedding! I think the person {besides Chris} that Caitlin was most excited to have by her side at the wedding was her flower girl Caroline. Caroline is Kelly and Ryan’s baby daughter and Caitlin’s niece! Caitlin described Caroline to us as…”Perfect.”

Laurie told us that Caitlin has been waiting to wear a wedding dress her whole life. When you have those kind of dreams you can’t just choose any old dress. This gown by Amsale, from  A Little Something White, took our breath away and Chris’ too.


Toni Chandler created the lovely spring bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding. She was also on hand for the last wedding. All of the vendors agree, this is the nicest family that ever happened.


The men, boutonnieres all pinned. I’m going to guess Trish had a hand in that. She’s a flower pinning expert.


We had a few minutes before we had to leave for the church which gave us the opportunity to create this STUNNING portrait of Caitlin. Trish had something very traditional and classic in mind, just like the subject herself. I’d say she nailed it. To express what we were going for, we told Caitlin to channel her “Inner Estee Lauder.” She nailed it too.


Caitlin having a first look with her dad is one of my favorite photos from the wedding {left} because everything came together; timing, composition, expression…perfection!

The photo {right} with little Caroline couldn’t be any sweeter either…cue the wind!


Caitlin having a moment with her dad as the bridesmaids line up to process down the aisle. He told a story during the reception about silly songs he used to sing to Caitlin when she was small. They went something like this… “You’re my buddy, you’re my pal, you’re beautiful, I love you very much, you’re my best friend.”


It’s probably hard to give away your best friend, but definitely easier when you hand her to someone like Chris.


A classic shot, vows at Our Lady Of Mercy Church at Salve Regina University.


The exchange of rings.

elgant-spring-wedding-in-newport0012Mr. and Mrs. Classic and traditional for this couple.


Family pictures were super important to Caitlin. We found this lovely spot across the street from the Chapel that had perfect portrait  light, ornate gates, and a gorgeous flowering tree.

Caitlin’s family.


Chris’ Family.


The very adorable parents of Caitlin and Chris.


We told the bridal part to “Think Vanity Fair” for this shot.


Caitlin was having so much fun during the formal pictures. She said, “You’re taking all the photos I wanted and didn’t even put on my list!”

That made us so happy!


Is it possible for a tree to be twinkly? I love this spot under this giant bare Weeping Birch.

Caitlin told us later that, she trusted us completely because she could see that the light was so beautiful in every spot we chose.


I couldn’t get enough of Caitlin’s fabulous veil in this location. The veil couldn’t get enough of Caitlin! LOL.


All the pretty blush maids in a row with their stunning bouquets by Toni Chandler.




Caitlin really wanted to do a few photos “on the water” before heading to Rosecliff. How’s this spot on the Cliff Walk?


Arriving at Rosecliff.


There’s a portrait {left} upstairs at Rosecliff that I was instantly smitten with. Caitlin saw me taking a photo of it and said, “I’m obsessed with that painting! I love everything about it, especially her makeup!” Which is funny because she reminded me of Caitlin and that’s the reason I took the photo in the first place!

We also took the opportunity to do a special portrait of Cailtin, her sisters and mom while the rest of the ladies were freshening up.


Spring time in a lovely crystal bowl, by Toni Chandler.


Vintage Glamour in full bloom at Rosecliff.


Champagne details.


The last bit of sunset as viewed from inside the ballroom.


Caitlin met Chris at the pool where as college students, they were both lifeguards for the summer. Apparently there was a bit of college beverage hi jinks involving a cooler that had a tell tale “O’Brien” printed on the side of it. The O’Brien sisters were…Busted.

Caitlin’s mom was called to pick them up but she told her husband not to say anything to Cailtin about it because Caitlin, “really likes this boy.”

Now everyone really likes this boy! Good thing he’s gotten that wild college girl back on the straight and narrow! Ha ha!


Kelly and Lauren gave a beautiful toast. Kelly said, “Your happiness is my happiness and watching you today has been one of the happiest days of my life.” Aren’t sisters the BEST?! They are so sweet and all so different. Caitlin’s dad said that Kelly was born walking and talking and figuring things out. Lauren was born kicking and pulling hair. And Caitlin… all she wanted to do was eat Teddy Grahams and watch Full House! She was the easiest daughter, so naturally enjoyed her place as the favorite!


I love when the formalities end and the dance party begins!


Goodnight Newport!



I’m so excited to get back into wedding season because it means a brand new season of Behind the Snaps! I love to include the outtakes, snap girls in action, and spread the vendor love in every post. Lots of our clients and snap blog fans have told me that Behind the Snaps is their favorite part of the blog. So, without further adieu…

Adorable families have adorable traditions… like recreating this hilarious photo of Chris’ parent’s wedding. Chris’ sister Amy recreated the photo at her wedding too! Trish carefully studied the photo and then posed Chris and Caitlin perfectly! So funny! The tradition lives on!


Here I am photographing the inside of Caitlin’s dress, she had a “something blue” sewn on the inside. Our friend Mike of Buzz Media is getting in on the action too.


This shot really cracks me up. The bridal party is “Thinking Vanity Fair” as instructed, Mike is getting some aerial  footage, and Trish is running into the frame from the corner in what appears to be a complete panic?! Wild hand gestures are kind of her thing.elgant-spring-wedding-in-newport0036

Ladies…beware of fedora wearing camera men.

Just kidding, Mike is amazing. We always remark how symbiotic our shooting is. We try not to get in his way – he clearly doesn’t mind getting in our way…ha ha. Just kidding, again he’s one of the most conscientious videographers we work with. He’s also positive, has lots of energy and is a really nice calm presence to have around. We {heart} Mike of Buzz Media.


Speaking of amazing vendors… Jaime of Eventfully Planned is one of our all time favorite coordinator/planner/problem solver/chauffeur/ seamstress/ therapists we know! There is nothing this woman can’t do and she ALWAYS keeps a caring watchful eye on her clients. She makes the day run as easy as pie. Now if she brought pie with her… that would really position her as our favorite!


We loved photographing this wedding… fantastic clients, fabulous vendors, beautiful weather… we’re off to a great start 2016!

  1. Linda says:

    I have the pleasure of knowing Caitlin from work. I thought her sister had the most amazing photos when she married but you topped her! These are every bit lovely as Caitlin and her sister are. Just breathtaking!

  2. Caitlin says:

    I am so in love with each and every picture you guys took! You totally captured the vision we were after and surpassed our expectations! The day itself was such a whirlwind so it is so nice to sit back later and take in all of the special details I had thought about for so long. We are so grateful to have had such an amazing group of vendors that did not disappoint-you guys really outdid yourselves. Thank you, thank you Trish & Mariah!

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