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Downtown and Cliffwalk Engagement Photos

February 25, 2020

Photos by Mariah and Trish

Cassandra and Chris met us in Newport for a casual snap and stroll. Specifically,  we planned to snap downtown and Cliffwalk engagement photos. This cute crosswalk seemed like a good place to start! Strolling is fun because we just stop where we feel inspired. Plus, walking photos are a good way to get warmed up for engagement portraits. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but engagement sessions are inherently awkward. There’s no way around it. The first five or ten minutes are uncomfortable. That’s why walking is good; when you’re thinking about walking across the street and not getting hit by a car, you’re not focused on how you look in the pics, and that helps loosen up the vibe.


I think some people are worried that we will put them into embarrassing scenarios. Rest assured, we will not ask you to do anything goofy. Well, maybe a little goofy – but goofy-cool not goofy-lame. Plus, you can always say, “No, Snappers. I will not do that lame think you just suggested.” LOL


And even though it may seem like we are staring at you (which we are), we are also checking out the background and the light. We are concentrating on things you probably haven’t even considered, like making sure your feet and hands don’t look awkward. Those pesky appendages can make or break the photo!

See, you were worried about your (insert imagined flaws here) nose, hairline, muffin-top, thighs, teeth, dry skin, you get the idea …  but we aren’t looking at that at all. Plus, we think you are gorgeous just the way you are. Seriously, as a photographer, you have to fall in love with your clients a little to photograph them in their best light. Sounds corny but it’s true.

As you can see Kassi and Chris are killing it. We’ve got a fun background, soft light, relaxed hands, nice expressions, comfy poses.

There’s a lot to get right! They are superstars.


Most people want to do a casual outfit and a dressy outfit. I think it’s nice to switch it up, so we are all for an outfit change. Matching the background to the outfit is important too.

Kassi and Chris wore their fall casual clothes for strolling around downtown and their dressy outfit for the more dramatic scenery. Good choice!


Nice choice with the colors too. Neutrals are classic. Classic is always classic. 🙂


This dressy location is at Salve Regina University. The ornate gates and fences around campus are perfect for formal-ish photos.



Ochre Court(ship)


These two are so sweet- cannot wait for their wedding this June at Rosecliff, (formal attire, of course).

Kassi and Chris, thanks for being the perfect models for how to slay your engagement photos! XOXO The Snap Team

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