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Courtney + Jeff’s Rehearsal Dinner at the Atlantic Beach Club, Newport Rhode Island

October 22, 2013

This classic New England rehearsal dinner was the kick off to an amazing wedding weekend celebrating the marriage of Courtney and Jeff,  a.k.a. “Meet the Petersons.” Festivities began at the Atlantic Beach Club in Newport, the perfect place for a casual glass of wine, sand in your toes, and  lobster for you and your closest family and best-est friends.

We really enjoy being included in the Rehearsal Dinner. Why’s that you may wonder. Well, for 3 main reasons….

1. Sometimes it’s hard to show up to a party {i.e. wedding} only knowing two people {i.e. the bride and groom}. When we come to the rehearsal we can scope out your important peeps and make friends. Then, on the wedding day they are like like…”Oh goodie, Mariah and Trish are here, there such cool girls.” Not like…”Who are those two weird lurkers and O.M.G. why are they trying to take my photo?”

2. Cute outfits and fun party details. A lot of thought goes into the rehearsal, it’s a whole extra party! You took the time to pick out a cute dress right? Shouldn’t there be some fab photos of you in it? Same goes for table arrangements, place cards, cake, personalized napkins etc. of the rehearsal. Gotta snap that!

3. Extended Family Photos! Get them over with at the rehearsal dinner and save yourself the time and trouble on the wedding day. Everyone is so relaxed and casual the night before it hardly seems like a big deal to round up a few groups in order to document the family.

So there you have it, the top three reasons to add rehearsal dinner coverage. Oh, and if I had room for 4 reasons I would include… because Trish looks cute on the beach.

  1. Iris Colon says:

    OMG you’s looks so Fabulous

  2. Tracy Kiss says:

    Fantastic pictures Courtney! Looming good girl!!

  3. Brittany Colleran says:


  4. Caitlin Sweeney says:


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