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A Classic New England Wedding at Blithewold Mansion

June 1, 2016


Classic is the new black… no wait, classic is the old black too. Either way, Amy and Sean planned a classic New England wedding at Blithewold Mansion and it was as charming as it was timeless. Speaking of timeless, Amy’s engagement ring originally belonged to Sean’s grandmother. We just love the tradition of passing down family jewelry, it has so much meaning and also good luck attached to it {if you believe in that sort of thing which we do}.

Amy and Sean described their day to us as a “Big Fat Irish – Italian Wedding!” and we were excited to witness these two sweet families become one.


Some of Amy’s pretty girly things.


Amy’s mom helping her with her pearls- a classic touch. This looks like a very quiet moment but in actuality there were nine bridesmaids, a flower girl, two aunties, a cousin/hairstylist , and two makeup artists in the room with us… just a few members of the “Big Fat Italian Family” part of the day.


Across town, Sean was getting ready at his family home in Bristol. Here his dad is helping him with his tie. Isn’t it sweet that we have matching photos of Amy and Sean getting ready with the help of their parents?! Much like the room that Amy got ready in, Sean had ten groomsmen and his parents keeping him company and representing the “Big Fat Irish” side.


We had a few moments before leaving for Blithewold to do a portrait of Amy. If things run smoothly and on time, we like to take ten minutes to photograph the bride at the pinnacle of her makeup and hair pristine-ness before she leaves for the ceremony.

You’re gorgeous Amy!


Of course, a handsome – manly portrait of the groom is also a must have! What better place to take a man portrait then in the billiard room at Blithewold. If you are very polite and ask Karen nicely, she may allow you a few minutes in this room for a photograph. Thank you Karen!

Trish is the master of the man portrait. Of course, it helps to have a debonair subject.


When Amy and Sean visited our office to make a plan for their day we talked about what they enjoyed most about their venue. “Sweeping views of the mansion!” Declared Amy. “I don’t care that much about the rock garden or the bamboo, but I love every angle of the house!”

I was pretty excited when the bridesmaids made their way single file into the house. I backed up to get this sweeping wide shot for Amy.


We also talked about who Amy and Sean were most excited to get photos with at the wedding. Amy told us she couldn’t wait to take pictures with her flower girl Riley! She just loves the socks off her! Now we can see why, Riley is sassy and sweet all rolled into one adorable package! Kind of like the bride herself, kindred spirits!


The inside of Blithewold is just a special as the outside. One of my favorite details is the pattern on the ceiling in the living room. Although it’s a fairly large adornment many people overlook it!

I also love the grand entrance factor of the porch that leads to the ceremony in the North Garden. I posted the photo below of Amy and her dad to our Snap Weddings Instagram page and Amy commented, “Love this photo! Loved that moment with my dad! Thank you for capturing one of my favorite moments!”

You’re welcome Amy! It’s a classic!


This moment is also a classic moment, although I’m not sure we’ve ever captured it quite this well. I love the space and time between Sean’s gentle outstretched hand and Amy and her dad still lovingly holding hands. It’s an emotional moment, a bittersweet moment, a joyous moment and a proud moment for Amy’s dad.




Blithewold is all abloom in May!


Utilizing the fantastic facade of the mansion for a celebratory bridal party photo.


Pretty trees and pretty girls. Bouquets by Inbloom Florist.


Love the relaxed man posing!


Classic Family Portrait for Amy’s side.


Classic Family Portrait for Sean’s side.


These are my favorite portraits of Amy and Sean because they exemplify Amy’s vision of a Classic New England Wedding at Blithewold Mansion. A tall handsome groom in black tie and a lovely vision of a bride in a cascading gown enjoy an unhurried stroll down the drive in front of the stunning mansion.


Some quality smooching and a timeless portrait for a silver frame.


We always sneak in for the “inside of the tent” shot  before the guests arrive! It’s difficult to get a clean shot of this as everyone is bustling around putting on finishing touches, but there’s usually a 30 second window! The caterer for the evening was Blackstone, the floral arrangements were by Inblooom, and the Cake by DeLuise Bakery.


Chairs of honor for the Mr and Mrs.


The lighting in the tent by Exquisite Events really set off the first dance! There’s nothing like twinkly lights in the background to add ambiance and romance to the reception photos.


Toasts by the co-best women and the best man. The ladies told a story as a testament to the kind of friend that Amy is. She is the type who would give you the pants right off her body. Apparently at a birthday celebrationat a dance club the birthday girl {pictured left} split her pants in the back with some over zealous dance moves. Amy traded pants with her so her friend could live it up on her birthday while Amy was relegated to dancing with her bottom facing the corner of the room all night. That is friendship… especially after we saw how Amy likes to rip it up on the dance floor!

The best man, Sean’s brother Scott, talked about how Sean was such an influence on him growing up and how he always wanted to be just like his older brother. So much so, that when Sean landed on “the mullet” as his hairdo of choice, Scott followed suit and they both rocked their mullets… for a few years too many… but that’s okay you get the point, Scott thought Sean was pretty cool and still does.


Special dances for the FOB and the MOG. Again with those twinkle lights! Love!


There were a lot of great dancing photos from this wedding {it was quite a party}! But… I love this one of Sean taking Amy for a spin the best of all!


And that’s a wrap for this Classic New England Wedding at Blithewold Mansion!


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