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Chris + Marissa’s Boston Massachusetts Wedding, The Pierce House

August 29, 2013

“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” ~ Paul McCartney

Sometimes love is lopsided, you know what I mean? Sometimes one person is clearly more smitten than the other. It’s no fun being the person who’s less loved. I think we’ve all probably been down that road. Spending a little time with Marissa and Chris is like being in the middle of a “let’s see who can love who more” contest. One moment, Chris is in the lead because you catch him gazing sweetly at Marissa from across the room. The next moment Marissa jumps out in front because she wells up with joy or pride over something Chris has just said. Neck and neck they go… and no one is ever ahead for more than a moment. Chris and Marissa’s feelings of love toward each other are … equal, matched, and perfect. There’s never one clear winner in the “who loves who more” contest because they both win… every single time.

Thanks to our lovely assistant Liz for introducing us to the new Mr. and Mrs. Storm! Go Lyme Old Lyme!

  1. Ann Morley Carmel says:

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful place, beautiful couple, and beautiful photographs. A very, very special event.

  2. Marissa Storm says:

    These are simply stunning and Chris and I are so in love with each and every one of them. We cannot thank you ladies enough!

  3. Jauline Storm says:

    Simply perfect.

  4. Kristy Lyn says:

    Absolutely stunning.

  5. Lynn Carlson says:

    Beautiful pictures which truly capture wonderful moments.

  6. Joe Bauer says:

    Beautiful pictures; congratulations from Toronto

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