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Bronwen and Aaron’s Blithewold Wedding

October 6, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

I know there’s going to be quite a few people excited that Bronwen and Aaron’s Blithewold Wedding is finally on the blog! Here it is, {and you know who you are} the moment you’ve been waiting for!

You know, one of the best perks of working with our couples is also getting to know their families. After all… the smart, funny, successful brides and grooms we come to know and love did not become who they are without some pretty cool people helping them along the way. You know who I’m talking about… the moms and dads, the siblings, the people closest to them. Personal cheerleaders, life coaches, confidants… there for every other milestone, proudly and some times boisterously rooting for them from the sidelines.

The wedding day is no different.

No matter how old you get, you always need your cheerleaders, whether it’s your high school graduation or your wedding day.

Blithewold Wedding0001


I met Bronwen’s mom long before I met the very photogenic Bronwen. Bronwen’s mom, Melinda is a ray of sunshine – you’ll get to meet her a few photos down.
What I like most about Melinda is that the love and enthusiasm she feels for her daughter is infectious. I really wanted to capture a portrait of Bronwen that would do her mother’s description justice.

Bronwen is strong, intelligent and independent, not to mention stunning.

Blithewold Wedding0002

She is also devoted and nurturing to her family and to her students.Blithewold Wedding0003

These two pretty ladies are a big part of the reason that Bronwen and Aaron are so outstanding. Melinda on the left, and Aaron’s mother Sherrell on the right. Three cheers for moms who raise such amazing children! Bronwen is a special education teacher and Aaron works in politics, two professions of public service. Now I’m proud!

Blithewold Wedding0004

An observation while waiting for the ceremony to start, the view from the porch at a Blithewold wedding cannot be beat. Another perk of being a wedding photographer in RI.

Blithewold Wedding0005

I really like this illustrative photo. Bronwen contemplates her wedding day and her future while Melinda bustles about making sure that everything comes together as planned. It kind of says it all. What is a great parent? One who sets their child up for success the best that they can.

Blithewold Wedding0006

A classic moment, Bronwen and her father wait for their special music to begin before descending the stairs to the ceremony.

Blithewold Wedding0007

Aaron watches as his bride makes her way to the garden.

Blithewold Wedding0008

Five beaming faces!

Blithewold Wedding0009

Bronwen and Aaron had a very spiritual ceremony and a very romantic kiss as a new Mr and Mrs to top it off.

Blithewold Wedding0010

The sun shone brightly and the rain came down. The sky was a little confused but it sure did make for pretty light. Trish likes to say that this photo is for the grand kids, it will have both sets of their grandparents and their aunt and uncle! No pressure Bronwen and Aaron but just in case you have a girl someday Melinda is most likely already planning the wedding! 😉

Blithewold Wedding0011

The sky is not confused anymore- it chose sun.

Blithewold Wedding0012

We made a little side trip to the Japanese Garden and were serenaded by the local residents.

Blithewold Wedding0013

When being serenaded, naturally a dance is in order.

Blithewold Wedding0014

Quintessential Blithewold Wedding Photo:  Strolling across the lawn with a signature cocktail in hand.

Blithewold Wedding0015

It couldn’t be a prettier or more summery setting.

Blithewold Wedding0016

A spin on the dance floor and some dessert, nautical cake by Confectionery Designs.

Blithewold Wedding0017

Some funny words from the father of the bride.

Blithewold Wedding0018

And some fun stories and well wishes from the Maids of Honor.Blithewold Wedding0019

Moms on the dance floor- bet it felt good after all that planning to kick their heels off!

Blithewold Wedding0020

So happy the bouquet toss is coming back in fashion- love it!Blithewold Wedding0021

Bronwen and Aaron make their escape in their going away outfits {another tradition I love} after an amazing evening. I just know they’re in for a long and happy life together. After all, they’ve got great role models and a cheering squad that never quits! Congratulations Bronwen and Aaron!

Blithewold Wedding0022We should also mention, Bronwen and Aaron had some other great help to make their day run smoothly, New Leaf HairBlackstone Caterers and Sayles Livingston!

  1. Becki Glenn says:

    What a special event. It was a true blessing to be a part of this time in the life of two special people!

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