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Lizard’s Flower-Filled Wedding

January 16, 2020

Lizard + Ben + Taco’s Broadturn Farm Wedding in Maine


The Prettiest Lizard the world marries the Lobster King and lives happily ever after with her noble dog, Taco

So many caption options for Lizard’s Broadturn Farm Wedding, where to start, where to start?


It’s probably best to start with Lizard herself. Once there was a girl named Lizard and she was the prettiest girl in the land. THE END.

Doubters need only gaze upon her. I’m sorry, do you know anyone else that could rock this outfit? I thought not.



Back in the day, before she moved to Boston, then to Brooklyn, and finally to Maine… Lizard was our trusty photo assistant. She was sweet, funny, enthusiastic, punctual, stylish, and a darn good little photographer in her own right. Her lipstick is always stickin, her nail polish is always gleamin’ and sometimes she snorts when she laughs. How could we resist? #welovelizardforever

Another Lizard fun-fact, she is INSANE for flowers. I don’t mean she likes them just a little bit either. She LOVES flowers. Also, she loves dogs.

This venue, Broadturn Flower Farm was made for Lizard.


Told you she’s stylish.


Lizard is a shoe girl. And an accessory girl.



Lizard wandering around the farm checking on chickens and flowers and what not.



Let’s check in on Ben…


Ben and Lizard went to high school together. Ben’s been biding his time. He finally got the girl and we’re so glad!


We weren’t sure if we’d ever think someone would be good enough for our girl. I’m happy to report that Ben is kind, gentle, funny, and a great dancer.


That said, the true star of the show is Taco.

Taco and Ben, like father like son.





Lizard is everyone’s go-to style consultant!



I love this photo, it’s just so Liz.



And now the moment they’ve both been waiting for. 🙂


Aw, two of Liz’s favorites, flowers and love. If only there was chocolate in this photo…


And Taco!


Family Portrait


Bridal Portrait



What it was actually like … LOL


Bridal Party


Bridal Geese





I don’t usually add effects to our photos. I like our images to have a timeless quality, but I couldn’t resist this …




Liz was REALLY excited about her table settings. She collected these botanical prints and created the table numbers.


Making sure everything is perfect.


Of course a photographer would have this awesome idea for their seating chart. Can you find the snapgirls in the bottom photo?


Ben making his way to the ceremony.



It’s time to make Miss Lizard a Mrs Lizard







Lizard and Ben had a New Orleans Jazz Band march them from the field to the tent. It was one of the best wedding moments I’ve ever seen (and heard)!





This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding!


Cocktails and Relaxation Time


Remember when I said Ben was a good dancer? Taco is a great dancer too!




That time the best photos ever happened…


Dreamy Light


Dreamy Romance


Friends Gather Here



Everyone loves these two. The siblings, and the honorary sibling (Maxie) gave amazing toasts.






Let’s Shift Into Party Gear


Liz and Ben’s first dance was pure joy and playfulness. It was so heartwarming!



The Beginning



It was never a dull moment when Lizard was a snap girl.


Putting this post together made me miss Lizard so much! Waaaahhhh! But, we couldn’t be happier for our girl. She’s got a fantastic life ahead of her with her partner in crime, Ben and her sidekick, Taco.

Lizard’s Album Design

If you can’t get enough of Lizard too, you can check out the album Trish designed for her!


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