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Beth + Dan’s Rosecliff Mansion Wedding, Newport RI

August 25, 2014

An adorable story proceeds Beth and Dan’s trip to the altar in their fabulous Rosecliff Mansion Wedding.

Even the best laid plans fall to the way side when true love knocks on your door. Just ask our dashing groom Dan, who had a “master plan” to focus on his career and not get too involved in any serious relationship. His relayed this brilliant plan to his mother who gently urged him to be open to whatever good things might come into his life. Got to love a mother’s intuition.

Dan went to a charity event at the Waldorf and across a crowded ballroom floor spotted the lovely Beth. Beth was working at the event, but it didn’t stop Dan from asking her for a dance. She accepted, they danced and then she went along her way attending to her duties.

Dan, smitten, hung around until the end of the night hoping to see Beth again and ask for her phone number. Beth assumed Dan had left and didn’t plan on going back to the ballroom. Thankfully, a co -worker insisted Beth go back just in case Dan was still there, and of course he was. A phone number was secured, a serious relationship ensued, and a master plan flew right out the window.

How sweet it was to see Beth and Dan share another dance in another ballroom. This time in the stunning ballroom at their Rosecliff Mansion wedding.

Congratulations Beth and Dan. Here’s to love at first sight and the death of the master plan!

The Team:

Wedding Planner: Wendy Joblon, Florist: Stoneblossom, Cake: Confectionery Designs, Caterer: Plantation Catering, Band: District 21 – Nightshift Entertainment


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