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Vivian + Jonathan’s Engagement Session in Providence Rhode Island

August 1, 2013

” A successful marriage is not finding the right person, but it is being the right person.” ~ author unknown

One of the best parts about what we do is meeting and spending time with couples that are obviously meant to be together. Vivian and Jon met and became friends while in college at Brown and have been building on their relationship ever since. It was so sweet to have a little tour around the place that was the foundation of their lovely relationship, especially since Jon also proposed to the lovely Vivian on campus. You can tell that Vivian and Jon both strive to be the type of person who would be worthy of the other. So far A+ for both of them across the boards! No doubt they are headed for a successful life, but more importantly a beautiful marriage. Can’t wait to see them become Mr and Mrs one month from today!!!

 Getting creative on campus…

  1. Joseph Snyder says:

    This is so beautiful.

  2. Sue Autorino says:

    Love the ones where they aren’t concentrating on the camera, but each other……js.

  3. Marjean Towe says:

    Just beautiful!

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