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Tips for Lovely Wedding Photos… Getting Ready, “The Details”

January 29, 2014

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~ Charles Eames

Trish and I like to arrive about an hour and a half before the ceremony or if you hare planing on one, the “First Look.” Typically this sets off a wave of panic. Up until the moment we knock on the door, the bridal party has probably been snacking and being pampered by the hair and makeup artists. I guess when we show up it feels like GO TIME. This is not the case, the bride should still be in the makeup chair when we arrive, or at least lounging with a glass of champagne! The groom should be showered and dressed in undershirt and pants {save the tie and jacket for when we arrive}. Just relax, you will not be needed for photos for a bit because the first thing we do when we arrive is photograph the details!

We need about 30 minutes to photograph the bride and the groom’s “Getting Ready” details.


SNAP Tip No. 1: Have Your Details Handy!

Here’s quick list of the details we love to find ready for us when we arrive.

Invitation: The Invitation is one of the first design elements you choose and it can set the tone for the entire event. Don’t forget to save one for us to photograph! Actually, we’d love to have TWO invitations, that way we can photograph the outside + the envelope and the inside at the same time. *Bonus tip: If you dream of having your wedding featured online or in print, please don’t forget this important element! It’s a must have for any editorial.

Snap Weddings

Other Paper Details: Napkins, Custom Straws, Programs, Save the Dates… all of these items have been designed around the invitation and should be photographed at the same time, creating a clean cohesive look in the lighting and background.

Snap Weddings

Bouquets: Have your florist deliver the bouquets before we arrive so they are ready for their “closeup!”

Boutonnieres: Sometimes the boutonnieres are delivered straight to the church or ceremony site, but ideally these little lovelies should be delivered to the groom BEFORE he leaves for the church. That way, we can shoot them with the details and then help the groomsmen pin them on properly! Also, when we photograph the groom and the groomsmen before the ceremony they will be wearing their boutonnieres.

Gifts: Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Bridal Party Gifts such as personalized clutches for the ladies or flasks for the men,  and especially the gifts given to the groom from the bride and vice-verse.

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Accessories:  Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair embellishments for HER. Cufflinks, tie or bow tie, and watch for HIM. *Bonus Tip: Don’t forget your borrowed and blue!

Snap WeddingsSnap Weddings

Rings: It’s best if we can photograph the engagement and wedding bands together, often the groom has the bands with him and the bride has her engagement ring with her. However, if they are all together, we don’t have to ask you later to take off your rings {after the ceremony} to get the ring shot. We always hate asking that! *Bonus Tip: Be on the lookout for a fun ring prop like this wine bottle label. Our bride Karen had this waiting for us, and it added such a fun element to the ring shot.

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Shoes: No explanation needed, it’s all about the shoes right?

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 The Dress: Clear a space for us to arrange your gown and veil. A window, archway, doorway, armoire, sturdy light fixture, or substantial headboard are all great places for us to hang the dress. It will look pretty for photos and protect it from dirt and wrinkling.

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 I hope that this post gets you excited about all your little details, we can’t wait to photograph them. And remember… when we arrive on the wedding day there’s no need to panic!

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