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Snap’s Block Island Wedding Photography Guide

April 2, 2015

By Mariah Ashley


Spring is here and we’re starting to dream about our favorite Rhode Island location… Block Island! We’ve been visiting “The Block” for many years now and consider ourselves experts on the subject of Block Island Wedding Photography, so we thought we’d share our secrets with you in this guide. Maybe you’ve all ready booked your wedding on Block Island, or maybe you are still searching for a unique location for your wedding… either way there’s a lot you can learn from our Block Island Wedding Photography Guide.

Block Island Wedding Photography0001

 Block Island is a secret to even Rhode Islanders! I can’t tell you how many locals we’ve talked to who have never visited BI. If you’ve been lucky enough to have discovered Block Island, then you know it’s a truly unique place that makes you feel immediately welcome and leaves a permanent impression on your heart. It’s easy to imagine that if you’ve fallen in love with Block Island like we have, that you’d want to have your wedding there too.

Block Island Wedding Photography0002

 Block Island is only 12 miles from Point Judith (Narragansett RI), but it feels like it is a world away. The bumper stickers are right… “Slow down, this isn’t the mainland,” not only excellent cautionary advice for hurried motorists, but a state of mind you quickly fall into when you step foot off the ferry. Having a wedding can be a dizzying experience. People always warn that the wedding day goes by so fast, it’s over before you remember to have fun! Why not have your wedding in Block Island, a place that reminds you to stop and smell the roses with it’s unexpected natural beauty?

 Block Island Wedding Photography0003

 One of my favorite things to do on Block Island is just drive around {slowly} looking at the amazing landscape, and some of my favorite memories photographing weddings on Block Island have been cruising with our clients doing the same… and stopping for photos!

Block Island Wedding Photography0004

 I quite enjoy leaning my head out the window or sun roof of my car {while Trish is driving of course} to snap the bride and groom cruising. A great spot for this is on the hill in front of the Spring House {picture of the yellow Jeep} because it gives you a great view of the coastline. My favorite cruising photo is probably the one pictured below taken by our assistant Liz ({hey Liz!} with the iconic Surf Hotel in the background, doesn’t get much more Block Island than the Surf Hotel, of course a convertible Mercedes doesn’t hurt either.

Block Island Wedding Photography0005

 So when do we  pull over and take some portraits? When we feel inspired! There are PLENTY of inspiring spots and they are pretty random. It just depends what the light and the traffic allows!

Block Island Wedding Photography0006

 Some random spots: {Top Left} A random driveway on Ocean Ave, right before you hit Beach Ave, chosen for it’s open shade, and pretty crushed stone driveway.

{Top Right} Couldn’t find it again if we tried! Just a random dirt road leading to the bride’s rental house {Shanny, if you’re reading this, weigh in on where it was!;)} Love the long road and the repeating telephone poles, I have a thing for telephone poles!

{Bottom Left} A spot we return to over and over on Corn Neck Road right near Mitchell’s Farm. We love the stone walls and the beautiful trees, it offers a little respite from the summer sun.

{Bottom Right} I have so many memories of walking along the road right in front of Fred Benson Beach, this spot feels super Block Island-y to me, telephone lines and poles again… told you!

Block Island Wedding Photography0007

 Block Island has the coolest architecture. Fun beach shacks, weathered clapboard, nautical accents like giant anchors and buoys,  lighthouses… etc etc. It’s a cornucopia of textures and offers a unique element for your photographs. Just a polite reminder though- always ask permission to traipse across someone’s lawn! You don’t want to be a rude tourist!

Block Island Wedding Photography0008

 Trish asked nicely if she could use the spot in front of the shed { Top Left} earlier in the day and then took our bride and groom their later for portraits. Scouting locations earlier pays off in spades… or in this case anchors!

{Top Right} There’s Shanny again! I believe this spot was in the middle of the island near Lakeside Drive. It’s just a lone gate near a field, but was such a pretty spot to perch our bride.

{Middle Left} The famous South East Lighthouse!

{Middle Right} A wall of buoys outside a restaurant right near the ferry was the perfect spot for an island flavored photo!

Block Island Wedding Photography0009

 Now, let’s get down to why we came here! The beaches! Seriously, I have become a beach snob thanks to Block Island. It’s ruined all other Rhode Island beaches for me. The sand is so beautiful, the water is so clean, everyone is so laid back, and the views of the dunes and the cliffs make Block Island beaches the most beautiful of all Rhode Island beaches {in my opinion}, and the perfect place for Block Island Wedding Photography.  The location of the photo below is Fred Benson Beach, which you will find on Corn Neck Road right across from the Sullivan House.

Block Island Wedding Photography0010

 Pick a beach… any beach. Crescent Beach, Sandy Point, Fred Benson, and Mansion beach just to name a few.

Block Island Wedding Photography0011

One of my favorite Block Island Beach Photos EVER! Serious perfection, Mansion Beach has it all: dunes, white sand, rocks and driftwood galore. We are kind of obsessed with driftwood.

Block Island Wedding Photography0012

Not up for sand and surf? How about a pretty marsh? I love tall sea grasses, and BI has grasses a plenty. The spot below leads to a boat ramp and is right across from Crescent Beach. We had to be patient while hoards of boaters traipsed past us on the boardwalk, but it was worth the wait for this clean shot of the B&G. I on the other hand was not clean, as I was standing in a marsh.

Block Island Wedding Photography0013

The location of the photo with upturned boats in the sea grass below is Champlins Marina in New Harbor near The Oar Restaurant. You’d never know it was there if you didn’t… scout it first!

Block Island Wedding Photography0014

According to the Block Island Conservancy, more than 44% of the island is persevered as open space which gives us amazing locations like this one on Corn Neck Road for photographs, absolutely dreamy.

Block Island Wedding Photography0015

Trails cut right through the field lead to amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, but we don’t need to walk that far, the field itself is the star of this location. Throw in some split rail fences or stone walls and you’ve got a winner location for sure.

Block Island Wedding Photography0016

Time to get married! The two churches we are most familiar with are Harbor Church and St. Andrews, both in the center of town.

Block Island Wedding Photography0017

Impressive Harbor Church is one of the first things you see when pulling into the harbor on the ferry. Inside, it has a great balcony that we can utilize to get a birds-eye view of the ceremony. I especially like it for a unique view of the recessional. Married!

Block Island Wedding Photography0018

St Andrews has a nice long aisle for maximum dramatic effect. A grand entrance and exit is important!

Block Island Wedding Photography0019

Let’s get the Block party started! Block Island is a small island, but it has a handful of really lovely wedding venues. The Cushman House viewed from Mansion beach is pictured below.

Block Island Wedding Photography0020

We love the Atlantic Inn for so many reasons, its beautiful veranda, green lawn, view of the harbor, and killer sunsets just to name a few! Cocktails and tapas on the porch while watching the sunset are what the Atlantic Inn is most famous for, that and the great hospitality!

Block Island Wedding Photography0021

The Cushman House is a gorgeous venue that sits just beyond the dunes of Mansion Beach. It’s truly an exceptional location just steps to the ocean. The best thing about those steps are that they take you through an enchanting wooded path and over and through stunning dunes. It is the perfect place for a beach ceremony as well.

Block Island Wedding Photography0022

Another one of the things you will recognize as you pull into Old Harbor on the ferry is the iconic red roof of the Spring House. The generous porch has a killer view of the ocean, but I think my favorite thing about the Spring House is how it looks at night all lit up. Can’t beat those market lights on the back terrace for a moonlit dance.

Block Island Wedding Photography0023

The Sullivan House is casual and friendly. It feels like a home away from home on BI. it’s perched high on a hill and has 360 degree views of the island, including New Harbor AND Old Harbor. Watch the ferries come in and out from one side of the property and sailboats sailing past the porch on the other side. I’m crazy about the drive up to the hill to the property, the fields, and the natural stone facade of the building.

Block Island Wedding Photography0024

Block Island is such a gem, make your plans to visit, or better yet get married there NOW! Your peace of mind and your wedding photographs will thank you for it!

Block Island Wedding Photography0025We hope this guide to Block Island Wedding Photography was helpful to you!

And because we LOVE giving presents, we have another giveaway for you! Like, comment, or share this post below or on facebook or instagram and you could win this photograph of the North East Lighthouse on Block Island, taken by yours truly. Hang it  in your home and be reminded of how much you love {and miss} Block Island… and then, plan a trip back!


  1. Shannon (aka Shanny) says:

    That dirt road was Payne Road just north of Sands Pond Lane. If you’re leading up High Street, make a right at the school and you’ll be there. Oh the memories!

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