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A Special Moment at a Rosecliff Mansion Wedding

September 12, 2017

I was so excited to capture this moment for Danielle and Chris at their Rosecliff Mansion Wedding. The grand sweetheart <3 staircase at Rosecliff is one of my favorite elements of this beautiful venue.

Trish was busy in the ballroom shooting the fun images of the bridal party being introduced into the reception which left me free to skulk around. I was looking for different angles and unexpected perspectives. I shot a bunch of images of Danielle and Chris from the front and then a few that showed more of the staircase, but this image is the one that really struck me.

I think these are exactly the kind of in between moments that make a wedding so special. Danielle had just changed into her reception gown- glam! She and Chris had a cute moment descending the first half of the stairs and then they paused on the landing to listen to the band announcing their friends. The start of the reception festivities is such an exciting time! The anticipation of the first dance (will or won’t you pull it off)? The toasts (what on earth will the best man say?) The cake cutting and parent dances (both so sweet!)

The party is something you dream about for an entire year of wedding planning. What could be better than taking a moment to take it all in?

P.S. I love her hand on the back of his head, it’s little gestures like this that put the love in a photo.


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