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I Really Hope It Will Rain On My Wedding Day

October 17, 2018

“I really hope it will rain on my wedding day,” said no one – ever.

This wet, windy, and wild day was definitely not the wedding day at Castle Hill that Katie and Tyler pictured. I think it’s safe to assume they imagined a warm, summer day on the lawn with cocktails in hand and sunshine on their faces. This fantasy was not in the cards for Tyler and Katie.

It didn’t just rain. No, no … that would be the understatement of the century. It poured. Buckets. Big sucky buckets of water. On everyone’s heads. The groomsmen were drenched. The mother of the bride was drenched. The priest was drenched. The bride (audible gasp) was drenched!

Spirits could have run low. That would have been understandable. No one would have judged a bride-zilla moment, it was just that bad.

Luckily for us all, there was a therapist on hand. Doctor fuzziness himself, Winston – the therapy dog. Winston is Katie’s …. no that’s wrong, strike that. Katie is Winston’s person. And Winston was not about to let Katie’s big day be ruined.

Winston was calm, Winston was gentle. Winston was encouraging. Winston listened and cooperated. Winston posed for photos. Winston stole the show. Not an easy task considering how beautiful Katie is and how lavishly the tent at Castle Hill was decorated. Sorry everybody else who was a part of this wedding, you just can’t compare to Winston.


rain on my wedding day


The cuteness theme was carried over into all of Katie and Tyler’s printed pieces. This adorable suite was created by Ellen Braley of Els Cards.

rain on my wedding day


On the way to St Mary’s Church. Current weather condition: Intermittent Deluges


I want to give a proper thank you to this groomsmen. He was one of 3 or 4 of the groomsmen who completely threw his own personal comfort out the window in order to escort the guests and the bridesmaids into the church, keeping them (not himself) as dry as possible. I salute you sir! You’re a gentleman. P.S. I’ve never seen anyone so soaked in my life. 🙁


That’s Kim of Green Lion running into church with the bouquets. The flowers were psyched for this weather!

Last but not least, Katie.

Current Weather Condition: Wall of Water.


Making a grand entrance at St Mary’s. That’s our handsome groom, Tyler waiting for his bride.

It always feels like a treat to be inside this beautiful space.




Cue the cuteness!


Naturally, Winston was the first to congratulate the newly married couple.


When we got to Castle Hill, guess what? Yes, it was still raining. So …we started photos inside.


This is our take on a vintage portrait of Winston and his people. Perfect expressions!


Thanks to Green Lion, it was virtually a garden inside the tent.


Current Weather Condition: Sprinkles

Finally it was safe enough to try for some outside photos.


Everyone’s pretty happy about that.


Family Photos time!


Chillin’ in between group shots.


Winston trying out a slightly different pose…


Dark and Stormy … that was a good choice or a bad omen! 😉 LOL


Gorgeous florals everywhere!


The mood was so fresh and happy inside the tent.


The hand drawn maps, menu cards, and schedule of events! Love it all! So whimsical!


We even ventured down to Grace Kelly Beach during the cocktail hour.


We love our clients. They’ve got chutzpah.


Mariah being a sneaky stalker, shooting in between a crack in the doors. 😉


Said it before, I’ll say it again. Love me some toasting and audience reaction!

So much emotion!


Don’t mind us, we’re just going to somehow get some amazing dusk photos (Trish)  even thought the weather has been a total shit show all day.

This was actually a really special moment.  I think up until this point Katie didn’t fully realize that her photos weren’t going to suck.  I think when she and Tyler walked up that hill, to that dramatic sky, every thing finally felt alright. And then… we were happy too.

xoxoxo You Guys!

  1. linda matthews says:

    Wow!!! I just saw this for the first time… did an amazing job of summing up the day…even made me feel better about the rain, although I will never forget that volume of water! Thanks so much for the beautiful tribute…we loved you both! Linda Matthews, Mother of the Bride

  2. Linda Matthews says:

    Beautifully written and executed! You told the story…it may have been a monsoon, but love prevailed!
    Fondly, Linda Matthews

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