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October Wedding at Belle Mer

January 10, 2020

The Team

It was a gorgeous day for Erica and Jacob’s October Wedding at Belle Mer in Newport RI. They had a fabulous team to make it all come together!

Photographers: Linda + Cloud, Associate Team: Snap Weddings

Florist: Stoneblossom

Makeup: Jennifer Viveiros

Hair: Cali Hair, New Leaf Salon

Venue: Belle Mer

Entertainment: Ripcord Band

Lighting: Ormonde Productions


Getting Ready

Cloud and Linda double (snap)team this portion of the day with Cloud photographing the ladies, and Linda photographing the men. It’s fun to get started with a little ring-bling!


Next up, Gorgeous Bridal Details. Look at that beautiful blue water outside the Belle Mer bridal suite. I did not enhance that in Photoshop… it just looked that way!


Um, what? How flawless can you be?!


I think it’s so cute when the couple is doing simultaneous things, but separately. In this case, opening their presents! A diamond bracelet, and a handsome man-watch? Yes, please!


Speaking of handsome …


What time is it? Man-time! LOL


Jacob is one luck husband, just sayin’.


It was a perfect day for an October wedding at Belle Mer. The sky and the water always photograph so BLUE this time of year!


First Look

First Look at the ivy wall. Love! Erica is so cute sneaking up on Jacob. Boy, he is in for a pleasant surprise. 🙂


Beautiful bridal portraits. Classic, with a bit of (lens)flare! Jazzy!


Speaking of LOVE… LOL Just in case anyone forgot why we’re here today! Crazy for this pic, btw.


More classic portraits. Keeping it simple and family focused. Good plan!



Getting ready for the guests to arrive …


I spy, three little spies!


The big moment! Love this breezy, iconic shot.


This light is absolutely dreamy, perfect for the ceremony. Jacob’s father, a rabbi, performed the nuptials which made it extra special.


Mazel tov!


Mr and Mrs, so happy together!


Married! You can feel the relief and excitement in these two shots. Candid photos that are full of emotion are where it’s at! Agree?


One of my favorite images from the day. Nice composition Cloud and Linda! I keep coming back to this one, there’s just something about it…


Just Married Pics

Then, this spontaneity happened! Reason no. 592 to wear a veil. This is fantastic! How joyful!


Details and Cocktails

Erica and Jacob’s soft, classic, elegant details inside the Ballroom at Belle Mer. I believe Cloud snuck in to do these before the room was opened up to the guests.


Meanwhile, Linda was on cocktail hour! #wheremypeepsat

J + E said they were most excited about spending time with the family and friends that they haven’t seen in a long time. I think a lot of our clients feel that way.



E + J opening the dance floor with their first dance.


Looks like Erica’s parents are trying to make a Patriots fan out of their new son-in-law.


There’s nothing like the love between sisters. They always give the best toasts.


Let’s get this party rippin’ people. See what I did there? It’s Ripcord band …


Funfetti is always a good idea … so is frosting-kisses…


Special dances with the family VIP’s. I love that everyone is getting in on the merriment.


Know what time it is now?

HORA time! (aka the photographers get their feet stomped time, heh, it’s all good … anything to get the shot).


Oh boy… it’s getting wild out there. Linda might lose a toe or two.


Looks like a good time is going to be had by all!


The End

E + J taking a breather for a little cool night air and a last photo for their album. 🙂 #albumsr4eva


Is this really October? Thank you nature!


Erica and Jacob, you are such a gorgeous couple- so full of LOVE and fun! Thank you for having us at your wedding! XOXO

If you’d like to see another Associate team wedding at Belle Mer, check this POST out!

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