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Nikki and Kyle’s Wychmere Beach Club Wedding

November 24, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

We LOVE the cast of characters of Nikki and Kyle’s Wychmere Beach Club Wedding. Nikki and her sister Kim have been Snap fans since college, introduced to us by their roommate and bonafide Snap Girl herself, our lovely assistant Liz. Kyle is a good friend of my stepson, {hi Ian!}. Nikki’s parents are funny, warm, and so welcoming and her sister Jill gave the wedding photography as a wedding gift to Nikki and Kyle, so generous! Kyle’s family is just as sweet with a sprinkling of zany on top, they had us laughing all day. And Kyle’s ring dog, Winnie The Boo … don’t even get us started on that level of cuteness! We had so much fun being a part of their big amazing group for the day. It felt a bit like being on summer vacation with all of them! Hint … hint… have us back to the Cape this summer you guys!

Kyle really wanted to have his first look with Nikki at his grandparents Cape Cod cottage, he has such fond memories of summers spent there. When we arrived, I asked him if he ever thought in his wildest dreams that he might eventually meet his future wife on the walkway of the cottage. Well… that started a waterworks that just wouldn’t stop. Kyle was adorably overcome with emotion for his gorgeous wife all day. We love that!


Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0001

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0002

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0003

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0004

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0005

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0006

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0007

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0008

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0009

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0010

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0011

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0012

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0013

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0014

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0015

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0016

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0017

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0018

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0019

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0020

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0021

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0022

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0023

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0024

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0025

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0026

Wychmere Beach Club Wedding0027The Team

Florist: Landscape Adventure, Videographer: Stop Go Love, Hair and MakeupL Lisa George

  1. Nikki says:

    SIMPLY STUNNING! Mariah and Trish, your talent is truly unparalleled and your fun and energetic personalities bring out the best in your subjects 🙂 These photos have made me relive the day all over again and can’t thank you enough for all your amazing work on our wedding photos. THANK YOU XOXO

  2. Peggie Staib says:

    On the eve of their honeymoon, this first peek at what the you both captured to give us memories of Kyle and Nikki’s wedding to forever cherish has made my day. I think I’m feeling more emotional now as I relive it all through your photographs than I did on that day when I was so caught up in the moment. I can feel the love! Thank you Mariah and Trish for giving us another reason to be grateful for the day our families and friends came together to celebrate #sherinthelove!You two are amazing! <3

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