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Naushin and Colin’s Providence Public Library Wedding

September 3, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Naushin and Colin wove a beautiful, gilded Art Deco thread through their stunning Providence Public Library Wedding.  They set the tone with this festive invitation with Art Deco fonts and graphics, photographed on Naushin’s traditional Bengali gown of golden threads! {see what I just did there?} LOL.

Naushin and Colin’s wedding was rich in glitz, befitting of it’s 1930’s theme, but it was also rich in love, family, and tenderness.

Providence Public Library Wedding0001

Naushin gets dressed with help from her mother and maid of honor. Her dress was SO heavy {all those beads}! I was surprised she managed to move around all day in it, she’s so tiny. I wish we could have weighed it, I’m putting my best guess at around 12 pounds!

Providence Public Library Wedding0002

Naushin waits upstairs for the first look as Colin arrives to greet her.  Rumor has it the Colin had a crush on Naushin for months before he asked her out. Easy to see why he had a crush and why he might have been a bit nervous. Her beauty is a bit intimidating.

Providence Public Library Wedding0003

Naushin and Colin are so sweet together.  I love how they are constantly tending to one another, they’re very loving.

Providence Public Library Wedding0004

I am INSANE for this photograph. Colin and Naushin have a timeless old fashioned kind of love, and so I think this photo suits them perfectly. What decade are we in here anyway? I am picturing this photo in an oval frame on their wall, someday their grand kids will love looking at it!

Providence Public Library Wedding0005

WholeFoods {Providence} created this amazing bouquet and boutonniere! We would also be remiss not to mention Dev Brumberger of Freckles, Wit & Co. Wedding and Event Design, who coordinated the floral and event design with Whole Foods and Morin’s to craft the overall Art Deco theme of the wedding with the table scapes and other design elements.

Providence Public Library Wedding0006

Naushin and Colin brought together two very different cultures when they decided to get married! Naushin’s family is originally from Bengali and Colin’s family is from Ohio. It doesn’t get much different than that. The families met for the first time only a few days before the wedding, it was a joy to see them having so much fun together laughing and dancing.

Naushin  told me that when she’s visiting Colin’s family she watches vintage films with his mother and got a lot of inspiration for her Art Deco wedding from watching those films.

Providence Public Library Wedding0007

Naushin’s parents are so proud of their beautiful, smart daughter.

Providence Public Library Wedding0008

They’re also thrilled to have a sweet man like Colin joining their family.

Providence Public Library Wedding0009

Naushin’s MOH wore a beautiful beaded gown as well, though not quite as heavy as Naushin’s.

Providence Public Library Wedding0010

Naushin and Colin’s funny friend married them.

Providence Public Library Wedding0011

Naushin’s father helps her maneuver the long staircase to the ceremony, always one of my favorite moments at a Providence Public Library Wedding.

Providence Public Library Wedding0012

Exchanging garlands is a Bengali wedding custom.

Providence Public Library Wedding0013

We stole outside for a little fresh air and smooches right after the ceremony.

Providence Public Library Wedding0014

The new Mr. and Mrs.

Providence Public Library Wedding0015

I think they’re more than a little happy, you?

Providence Public Library Wedding0016

Groom ring fiddling… a newly married man classic move!

Providence Public Library Wedding0017

Making it officially official by signing the marriage license. Colin did a little happy dance after this photo was snapped. The girl he crushed on all those many months is finally and lawfully his!

Providence Public Library Wedding0018

Naushin did an amazing job weaving her Art Deco theme into every part of the wedding, like the gilded table numbers and menu cards. FYI, Russell Morin is the official caterer for the library and the food is to die for!

Providence Public Library Wedding0019

Including the fabulous entertainment, Dandy Wellington in his band. They played big band music all night!

Providence Public Library Wedding0020

Colin thanking everyone at dinner, so thoughtful!

Providence Public Library Wedding0021

Sampling the sweets. Cupcakes by Sugar Mama’s Sweet Treats.

Providence Public Library Wedding0022

Romancing the night away… that last photo reminds me a bit of those old movies Naushin is so fond of!

Providence Public Library Wedding0023

Naushin and Colin, it was such an amazing evening at your Providence Public Library, thank you for the spin back in time and for being so lovely to photograph. It was truly a treat!

  1. Sarah: I have never, ever seen such a wonderful collection of wedding photos. The whole wedding and how those two met, from different cultures, brought tears to my eyes. This is what globalism should be all about.

    My favorite photo is:

    Thanks for sending this album to me. I will cherish it, not only due to my sense that Colin found a wonderful life mate, but because Colin has a very special place in my heart.

    God bless both of them.


  2. Naushin Shibli says:

    Mariah and Trish, the photos look amazing! Thanks so much for capturing our special day so beautifully. So many shots here that I want to frame!

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