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Monica and Brian’s Squantum Association Wedding

December 1, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

We were so excited for Monica and Brian’s Squantum Association wedding, it’s always special to have local clients planning a local wedding! We had a little rain early in the day, but the skies cleared and gave Monica and Brian a beautiful afternoon in Providence. The day was rich with autumn colors and rich with family traditions. Grace Church in Providence, built in 1846 is formal and stunning, a nice contrast to our casual downtown photos after the ceremony. The Squantum Association is a hidden RI jewel, so full of character and coziness, it has a history dating back to 1844. It was the tradition back then of the graduation class of Providence High School to visit the little island and put on a clambake. 1871 was the official start of the Squantum Association, now that is a tradition! … 143 years in the making! We wish Brian and Monica as long and as a rich a tradition in Rhode Island as the venues they chose! They’re off to a good start by honoring some existing family traditions…

Monica and Brian’s invitation and wedding rings nestled in Monica’s grandmother’s tea set. {left} Monica reads a card from Brian before getting ready, a lovely newer tradition. {right}

Squantum Association Wedding0001A few miles away, Brian reads his card from Monica too.Squantum Association Wedding0002Monica gets ready with help from her cousin Nicole and her mother.Squantum Association Wedding0003Big Tie, Little Tie. Brian and his son, also named Brian! Brian is twelve and was the best man!Squantum Association Wedding0004Monica and her lovely bridesmaids. The grandfather clock in the background was made by Monica’s grandfather! {left} Monica reads a card from her parents before heading to the church. {right}Squantum Association Wedding0005Monica’s father bought special wine in Portugal and has saved it for her wedding, the date on the box was 1981. {left} Monica makes sure to get a photo with her adorable grandmother. {right}Squantum Association Wedding0006Our little ring bearer was having a hard time, he wanted his mom but was stuck hanging out with the men. {left} Brian and Brian have a hug before heading to church. {right}Squantum Association Wedding0007There’s no sadness that a little thumb-sucking can’t cure…Squantum Association Wedding0008Monica and Brian with their beautiful mothers. Any guess where these two get their good looks?! Squantum Association Wedding0009Getting the bride to church on time.Squantum Association Wedding0010Monica makes a dramatic entrance while her mother looks on.Squantum Association Wedding0011Vows and signing the marriage register. Can you imagine all the signatures before theirs with a church that was built in 1846?Squantum Association Wedding0012Married!Squantum Association Wedding0013Another old fashioned tradition… the giant group photo outside the church right after the ceremony. Squantum Association Wedding0014Grace Church is on Weybossett Street, Weybossett is a treasure trove of photo spots! I love how the design of the windows matches the bridesmaids dresses. Bouquets by Golden Gate.Squantum Association Wedding0015Ladies should always be covered with diamonds and jewelry… no?Squantum Association Wedding0016Fun with architecture and puddles.Squantum Association Wedding0017A few portraits of the bride and groom before leaving for the reception. The sun even started to peek out!Squantum Association Wedding0018The Squantum Association is such a cool venue. It has an amazing grand house and a lovely water view. Here’s a little of both and also our bridal party!Squantum Association Wedding0019Monica and Family.Squantum Association Wedding0020Brian and Family.Squantum Association Wedding0021Portraits of Brian and Monica with the breathtaking background at Squantum.Squantum Association Wedding0022Stealing the last bits of evening light.Squantum Association Wedding0023Cocktail hour and details. The cocktail hour is held up at the main house and then the guests make their way along the lighted path and little bridge toward the reception at the Bake House.

I love Monica and Brian’s idea to make the champagne flutes their table numbers. The ombre cake is by Sweet Indulgence.Squantum Association Wedding0024A little cocktail hour entertainment.Squantum Association Wedding0025A sweet moment during the first dance.Squantum Association Wedding0026Monica and Brian kicking off the party.Squantum Association Wedding0027Cheers from Nicole the MOH.Squantum Association Wedding0028Family fun on the dance floor.Squantum Association Wedding0029Signature cocktails.Squantum Association Wedding0030Party time! The band was Those Guys from Newport.Squantum Association Wedding0031

  1. Barbara Mancini says:

    so beautiful. Much happiness to both of you !

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