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Mondays with Mariah: I Want To Be Like Ven’s Mom When I Grow Up

September 25, 2017

I’m pretty proud of my skills as a photographer. The level I’ve reached as a professional brings me a lot of personal satisfaction and joy. That being said, my number one accomplishment in life is being mom to my two favorite goofballs. They’re both teenagers now, in fact I have a half-empty nest as my oldest just graduated high school and is currently mountaineering in the wilds of Wyoming. (This is a whole other story for another time).

Time is flying and I’ve been reflecting on my parenting because I can’t help but feel like I’m running out of that precious commodity. The time to love them, time to make memories with them, time to influence them, time to turn them into happy, productive members of society… it feels like it’s moving at light speed. To be honest, I’ve been struggling, wondering if I’ve done a good job and if there’s something more I could have done.

Then I meet this lady: Ven’s mom. She’s beautiful, sweet, intelligent, hilarious, and beloved. Her son is happy, impressive, and recently married to a wonderful woman. Look how happy she is! Talk about feeling accomplished! She’s is celebrating like nobody’s business. Watching her, I realized I have lots of time. Time to be funny, time to dance, time to celebrate, time to get to know my kids as the adults they are becoming.

I want to be just like Ven’s mom when I grow up. Thanks for the reminder pretty lady.

Me and my a fore mentioned goofballs.

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